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SAGITTARIUS your best Zodiac matches are: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.


SAGITTARIUS/ARIES: two fire signs together. They have a lot in common. They both cheer for the underdog, love outdoor sports, traveling, honesty and a good heated debate. You have no trouble entertaining yourselves alone or with others. Their relationships are never boring. Great match!



Sagittarius and Taurus: a fire and earth sign together. They are very similar in personality. While their relationship may not be a volcano about to explode, they will have a lifetime made up of a nice balance of qualities bringing tenderness, caring, honesty, and strong family life. Taurus will not change their pace, so it is up to the Sagittarius to slow down their frenzied pace. The clever Sagittarius may be just diplomatic enough to do this. But beware, there is the potential for lots of friction here, and this relationship may not be very peaceful. Be prepared for lot of compromises.



Sagittarius and Gemini: a fire and air sign together. Both love communication and confrontation. Gemini has a full stream of consciousness flowing out into the universe, while Sagittarius is full of ideas, dreams, convictions and will explain in detail to anyone who will listen how he plans to carry them out. Their relationship will never be boring.



Sagittarius and Cancer: a fire and water sign together. Cancer is a real homebody, and loves a secure, sure thing. On the other hand, Sagittarius is spontaneous, fun-loving and outgoing. We have the crab who is awfully sensitive and tends to be subject to mood swings that would make their relationship unstable. But there is a bright side here. Sagittarius will likely be able to get the Cancer not to take himself/herself so seriously. They share laughter, and have real affection for each other. 



Two fire signs together. What a great couple! They share a fun-loving optimism that is contagious. Their house will be filled with laughter, romance, music and passion. Their sympathetic and understanding natures will get you through the tough times and petty squabbles. The loving Sagittarius nature seems to have a calming effect on this "putty tat" who often purrs with love when involved in this winning combination. Two thumbs up.



Sagittarius and Virgo: a fire and earth sign together. These two share a love of music, the outdoors, romance and the arts. Sagittarians are a bit too chaotic for the organized Virgo's taste. Their hit-or-miss tactic of firing off arrows at no particular target can drive Virgo crazy. A meticulous Virgo with a flair for precision usually keeps Sagittarius laughing and skipping away. If both learn to respect each other, we could see magic.



Sagittarius and Libra: a fire and air sign together. Both love a party and are often as friendly and compatible as two peas in a pod. Sagittarians tends to be more enthusiastic and grandiose in their ideas, dreams and plans. The Libra being the more sensible as well as sensitive of the two, tends to bring strength and stability to the relationship. Sag is a bit gun-shy of being committed, tied down or spoken for. This will be a big issue. If they can find common ground here, it will work wonderfully well.



Sagittarius and Scorpio: a fire and water sign together. How different are we? Let me count the ways. This pair of astrological signs asks this question all the time. A Sag is often lighthearted, jovial, and open. Scorpios are myopic, intensely private and quiet. Sagittarius interprets the Scorpio's intensity as dark brooding, and in general just a downer. A Sag will at first try to cheer up his beloved Scorpio, but gets discouraged easily when this doesn't work and often skips off to the next party. There usually is a strong attraction at first between these two astrological signs, usually sexual. Unfortunately, it tends to fizzle out when they get down to the real nuts and bolts of running the relationship. Not a big winning combo in the zodiacal scheme of things.



Two fire sign together. We have a very agreeable twin couple, here. Jolly, optimistic, fun-loving and social will describe this relationship. You adore each other to a fault. Life among two Sags will never be boring. Sagittarians love to travel, explore and dream. One other thing they pride themselves on is honesty and candor...almost to a fault. Be careful you do not offend each other with unnecessary frankness.



Sagittarius and Capricorn: a fire and earth sign together. Enjoy life to the fullest. They have been accused of being impulsive, but they good fun, knowledge, new other words everything and anything that catches their fancy. The goat will be amused by the Sag's joie de vivre attitude. Hopefully, some of this will rub off on the often too serious goat (they could stand to lighten up a bit). Likewise, Sagittarius could learn many lessons from the steadfast, surefooted, responsible goat. If these two are both open, this could be a great learning experience.



Sagittarius and Aquarius: a fire and air sign together. Two very compatible sun signs, as one fuels the other in order to exist. We could be talking long term home fires burning here. There will not be fireworks; most likely, you will start out as friends and eventually just fall into being lovers. You respect each other's space and need for independence. Seldom does jealousy enter into the picture since you are both so mellow and trusting. Sagittarians and Aquarians are both very social signs of the zodiac. Your house will be filled with music, laughter and good friends.



Sagittarius and Pisces: a fire and water sign together. Both of you are generous and fun-loving to a fault. This will get you through most of the rough spots of life. You will be able to argue, disagree, and then laugh it off. These two zodiac signs are tolerant, easy-going and adaptable. Pisces is a bit more dreamy than the gregarious Sag, but this does not indicate any major obstacles. Sagittarius just adores the sympathetic, kind-hearted Fish.

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