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Influenced by the 10th house and the tenth sign of the zodiac, "Capricorn" this is the year to obtain your goals. Any goals you achieve are the result of effectively mobilizing your resources to satisfy your ambitions.

This year is a year of fulfillment. This year represents your chance to prove yourself
before the world so that you gain recognition for your achievements. More important
however is that your achievements make you feel worthy. This is really the end of the
line as far as the visible results of your efforts are concerned. This year represents
how well you've mobilized your resources and talents to achieve the public standing
you want. While developing your career you will learn to function on your own. You will
have to face people who try to impress you with their authority. If you are properly
trained and qualified to accept responsibility, you should not experience any difficulty.
Much depends on how well you have built the foundation for life's endeavors when you
traveled through your fourth numerological year (six years ago). If you have established your own substantial roots, there is no reason why you cannot distinguish yourself in your achievements. A certain driving force, the strength of which you may not have experienced before, will bring you closer to freedom than you have ever been. It is up to you to decide precisely what you want to accomplish and to eliminate habits and attitudes that have held you back in the past. It is time to make a firm commitment to creating a new and satisfying reality for yourself.

You may start out in one direction at the beginning of the year, only to find yourself in an entirely new situation later on. Progress will come from information or intelligence that you have accumulated during the course of the year. This is not merely a matter of believing something new, but
of knowing it.

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