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Influenced by the 8th house and eighth sign of the zodiac, "Scorpio" (is related to your indebtedness, such as mortgage, insurance, investments, retirement programs and other such matters).

This year is a year for money. Hit it on all cylinders! It is a time of power, success,
health, and diet. You get what you want in the 8 year cycle. You really do. However, if
you do not know what you want, you will have no way of knowing what you will get!
This year, it is time to get specific. It is time to feel what is in your heart and
allow yourself to be drawn into the fulfillment of your desires. You are traveling a
year-long cycle in which you will prosper according to the strength of your will,
your desire, to succeed. Get organized. Balance yourself mentally and physically.

Throughout the year, you will feel a marked increase in your ability to make things
happen and get things done. Consequently, your expectations will rise, along with your
self-confidence and your feelings of satisfaction. As you assert yourself before the
world, you may expect to meet the challenge of competition. It is in your eighth year
that others judge your performance and decide whether you have offered something of
value. Ask for a loan, raise money, and settle your financial matters or lawsuits.
You will receive much this year. This is an excellent time for negotiations concerning
finances or property, particularly those that you hold jointly with someone else.

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