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CAPRICORN your best zodiac matches are: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio


CAPRICORN/ARIES: an earth and fire sign together. They are both mountain dwellers so be prepared to experience the mountains and the valleys. Capricorns are more cautious and practical, while Aries are impulsive. This makes Capricorn nervous and uneasy, while on the flip side, Aries quickly loses his/her patience. Aries learns a lot from Capricorn and vice-versa.



Capricorn and Taurus: two earth signs together. A perfect match! A typical life together will blend tickets to the opera, charity balls, working to get their candidate elected to the Senate, the PTA, Barbie dolls, baseball games, and sailing the wide open seas. Both secretly yearn for a love that will last forever and they may have it. There is a lot of potential here. We have dual earth signs, and they can certainly make the ground shake. Taurus is very sensual and affectionate which is good for the Capricorn who seems to lack passion. The clever Taurus can make the Capricorn come down from his/her frozen mountain and live his/her dream.



Capricorn and Gemini: an earth and air sign together. Both want solid answers, however when asked a question the Gemini just smiles enigmatically and dances away. Capricorn is stable, sure-footed, while Gemini often lives in the clouds and only occasionally visits the earth.  Capricorn feels younger with the spontaneous Gemini, and admires his/her optimism, curiosity and strength. 



Capricorn and Cancer: an earth and water sign together. These two are opposing sun signs on the astrological wheel. They attract each other and it means they have a lot to learn from each other. They could benefit greatly from a romance together. Cancers and Capricorns have compassion and understanding to spare, and this will help you achieve lovely harmony.



Capricorn and Leo: an earth and fire sign together. They shine together, often basking in each other's dreams. There is a great mutual respect as the Capricorn and the stubborn Leo realize that each has met its match. Peace often flourishes due to this stalemate. These two love stability, and therefore if their moon and rising signs are compatible you will often find them living harmoniously in married bliss.



Capricorn and Virgo: two earth signs together. These two prove to be very agreeable in matters of the heart. There is often a strong bond right from the beginning. Virgo admires Capricorn's strong and stable ways. Capricorn is not as sensitive to Virgo's picking and temporary funks. If their moon or rising signs are compatible, their union is rock-solid.



Capricorn and Libra: an earth and air sign together. Libra will sometimes see the goat as a bit of an old-fashioned stuffed shirt. Their biggest wish is that the goat will lighten up. Sociable Libra prefers people and lots of them in their lives; they are very social. A pairing between these two will work if they divide up responsibilities and do not try to change each other or step on each other's toes. The goat will most likely plod along, securing the future, while Libra will take the time to keep the couple's social calendar full, as well as their romantic calendar.



Capricorn and Scorpio: an earth and water sign together. This is no love at first sight least according to our astrology charts. Both of you are very secretive and careful about revealing feelings. If you can be patient and let this relationship grow it could be a wonderful thing. You share a need for a quiet, intelligent partner who is not to demanding. Scorpios tend to be more passionate and intense than the goat, and sometimes a Scorpio will balk at the goat's lack of emotion. This could lead to drama scenes created in order to get the goat to react. If you need theater, get tickets. You won't be getting much theater from Capricorn.



Capricorn and Sagittarius: an earth and fire sign together. Enjoy life to the fullest. They have been accused of being impulsive, but they prefer to refer to themselves as seekers. They seek out parties, good fun, knowledge, new other words everything and anything that catches their fancy. The goat will be amused by the Sag's joie de vivre attitude. Hopefully some of this will rub off on the often too serious goat.  They could stand to lighten up a bit. Likewise, Sagittarius could learn many lessons from the steadfast, surefooted, responsible goat. If these two are both open, this could be a great learning experience.



Two air signs together. It is inevitable that these two mountain goats will lock horns. The word competitive comes to mind. Who works harder, and is more ambitious, who is neater and more organized?  Well, you get the picture. These two horoscope signs are born wise and mature. On the flip side, it is comforting to finally have someone around they can finally rely on, someone who is responsible. They both will admire and respect each other, and as they grow old together, Capricorns tend to loosen up and have more fun with life. Try not to be too strict with each other. Be kind.



Capricorn and Aquarius: an earth and air sign together. These two astrological signs are an adventure, and the outcome is difficult to predict. The challenge lies here. An Aquarian will be very forgiving of Capricorn's compulsions and rigid nature. It simply rolls off their idealistic shoulders. Capricorn on the other hand may not be as sympathetic to the Aquarian's unconventional, gregarious nature. They instead see flaky. Aquarius after all is an Air sign and the goat may exhaust himself trying to Aquarius them back to planet Earth. These two will need some help in the order of compatible moon signs or ascendants in order to bring them closer together.



Capricorn and Pisces: an earth and water sign together. This combination makes a charming couple. Capricorn has a lovely calming effect on the hypersensitive fish, who feels completely calm and safe in the presence of the steadfast goat. Likewise, Capricorn in the presence of this water sign often feels like he is completely enveloped as if back in the womb. They are as cuddly and cute as two teddy bears. Capricorn, remember not to be too harsh or rigid with your dreamy fish, for he/she is easily hurt. Treat a Pisces lovingly and kind and they will always be loyal.

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