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The universe uses retrogrades to give us the time to review the parts of life these planets are touring for us to reflect on how we can make things better as we move forward.

We’ve probably all heard that when the planet Mercury retrogrades it brings a variety of mayhem in our lives. But what exactly does that mean? 

Everyone who follows astrology has heard the term "Mercury retrograde" -- the astrological manifestation of Murphy's Law. This is an approximately three-week spell, happening three times a year, wherein Mercury appears to move backwards through the zodiac. It's a visual illusion, a little like the train next to yours appearing to move backwards because it's moving more slowly. Anyone who has followed this phenomenon knows that when Mercury goes retrograde, things get a little weird.

This happens three times a year. I know it seems a lot more frequent than that. Lots of people say that "Mercury is always retrograde," which is not true -- but Mercury is always Mercury, which means it's tricky, and requires a combination of cleverness, skill and respect to handle, whether moving retrograde or direct.  For those who are paying attention, there's a little reward involved in a Mercury station, which I've observed many times: the truth comes out.

Mercury symbolizes:  communication, contracts, negotiations, robbery, transportation, burnout and stress. When Mercury retrogrades, it affects us in these areas. During that time you may expect delays concerning a contract or negotiations, lost mail, luggage, or important documents. You may also miss some important phone calls. Often mechanical problems with cars, phones, computers, etc. happen. You could experience misunderstandings with others and also lots of stress. Most stress comes from our close surroundings. It looks like everything is going wrong and everyone is in a bad mood.

Finally, when it comes to Mercury retrograde, I want to say this: If you are pregnant, do not worry one bit. It is always good to be born. A child born with Mercury retrograde tends to grow up to be more reflective and philosophical than others, so it can be an asset.

Upcoming Mercury retrogrades:




Venus is the Goddess of Love. In Astrology, Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra and represent Love, Money, Pleasure, Arts and luxuries. This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, like; marriages, friendships and other unions (business partnerships). Venus is content to spread happiness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess.

How Does Venus Affect You? During these terms, the intensity of relationships could become overwhelming and it’s therefore best to carefully consider our partnerships, try to get rid of connections that have proven to be toxic, or of our own negative emotions.

During these times when Venus is retrograde there might be a resurfacing of fears related to possessiveness, manipulation, fidelity, mutual trust, hypocrisy, resentments, and so on. It’s not a good time to begin new relationships, build new partnerships, sign contracts or take loans.

Better solutions in such circumstances are refinancing loans and acquiring antiques or second-hand merchandise. It’s also best to re-evaluate our love lives and think whether our partnerships are stimulating and helping us progress, or – on the contrary – they are holding us back.


Venus goes retrograde about every 19 months, for about 6 weeks at a stretch. As the planet of love and values, Venus retrograde periods are periods during which we re-assess what—and who—we value. It is a period that most astrologers consider inopportune for getting married or starting a new relationship.


Major financial undertakings are not advised during this period as well. But it's a good time for creating budgets and financial plans, and for re-thinking our personal relationships.


Old friends and lovers may re-appear, perhaps complicating current relationships. We are called upon to deal with relationship issues from the past.


Events occur that seem fated or pre-destined. It can be a real challenge getting close to a lover during this period of time.


Unorthodox, experimental, and non-intimate relationships may be favored. Relationships that have been especially challenging may come to an end during this cycle. However, strong relationships will survive it, even if there are a few bumps and bruises along the way.


For singles, this is a good time for "eyes wide open" or experimental dating. It is not a time when people recognize the need for another person to complete them, or some people may be questioning whether they are with partners who actually fulfill them. This period is good for re-evaluating our relationship needs; but, again, major love decisions are best saved for after the cycle ends………..


On the other hand, if you've been struggling to find new opportunities in Venus-related areas (like spending or earning, a new love interest, new creative inspiration, etc.), this can be a time when you have a rare opportunity to explore new possibilities. This can come about by being receptive and open to seeing things in a new way and reconsidering old assumptions about what your heart's desire "should" look like or be like. You might find that there has been something blocking your progress in these areas in the past, and Venus retrograde brings up this block, giving you a chance to learn about it and eventually shift it out of the way.

                                                      Upcoming Venus retrogrades:


      July 23rd, 2023 until September 4th.                      Venus retrogrades in Leo

      March 2nd 2025 until April 12th.                             Venus retrogrades in Arie

      October 3rd 2026 until November13th.                   Venus retrograde in Scorpio/Libra



Mars goes retrograde about once every two years. Physically, what this means is that during this time Mars appears to slow down and then reverse course, moving backward through the sky. (It’s not, of course, actually moving backward, but because the Earth and Mars travel on different paths, at different speeds, it appears that way.)


How Does Mars Affect You?   In astrology, Mars (the red planet) represents action and independence. This planet’s influence gives us the urge to initiate or begin something new. Unlike the energies of Mercury, which are mental, Mars is physical in its nature, and often associated with aggressive or impulsive behavior. As a Mars an active planet, with visible impact; it brings actual events, it works quickly and intensely. The areas of day to day life that it influences will become very active, be engaging, will burn up a lot of energy, and in relation to them decisions will be made and results will show; but they can also be a cause for stress, conflict, worries, troubles or losses. The main thing is that it would be best to get busy when it comes to these topics, meaning to undertake energetic action, to ride the tide of this commotion – it’s better than allowing Mars to have its way against our best interest.

In fact, in its most negative manifestation, which often occurs during this retrograde, Mars energy behavior can be selfish, combative and argumentative. It’s also connected to wars, fires, accidents, nuclear events or disaster, terrorist acts, protesters and extremist manifestations. When Mars retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. *Whoever initiates loses*— a new project, a great love, an argument or a lawsuit.

With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it too fizzles and it rarely gets to a serious commitment. With an argument, the hostility will come back to haunt you later. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose. During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless it is heavily insured! Office machinery and computers easily break down.

The smart way to deal with Mars retrograde is to reevaluate, readdress, redo, revisit, and rethink previously done projects (or a project you have in development now) and allow for changes or tweaks to your strategy.


It’s also connected to wars, nuclear events or disasters, assassinations, terrorist acts, extremist manifestations, racism or discrimination, fires, shipwrecks, smog, and pollution.

Passions can run high and so can frustration and anger. Try to find common ground with the other person instead of stubbornly pushing your own agenda. Be Careful of Your Actions!

In your natal chart, the planet Mars rules action, energy, drive and determination. When Mars works positively in your life, it gives you the ability to be assertive and act with courage and conviction. Every two years Mars retrograde: As a planet of war and conflict, during this time you may want to think twice about initiating certain actions because the retrograde can lower your energy level and bring frustration and obstacles to your major efforts. This is a time when a simple disagreement can turn into a major conflict.


     Upcoming Mars retrogrades: 


December 6th 2024 until February 23rd, 2025.    Mars retrograde in Leo/Cancer 

January 10th 2027 until April 1st 2027.                Mars retrograde in Virgo/Leo

When Mars retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. *Whoever initiates loses*— a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit or a divorce.

A lawsuit or divorce can be a fierce battle. Since Mars rules wars and battles, it’s not a good time for initiating a legal action.

A lawsuit that’s initiated has no punch, with a high likelihood that the plaintiff will back off or end up the loser. If you’re trying to mediate a dispute, you’re likely to find yourself in heavy disagreement and not able to find common ground with the opposing party.




April 21st 2023 thru May 15th 2023             Mercury retrogrades in Taurus

Aug. 23rd thru Sept.14th 2023                     Mercury retrogrades in Virgo

Dec. 13th 2023 thru Jan. 1st 2024               Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius

April 2nd 2024 thru April 24th 2024            Mercury retrogrades in Aries

August 4th 2024 thru August 27th 2024     Mercury retrogrades in Virgo/Leo

November 26th 2024 thru Dec 14th            Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius

March 15th 2025 thru April 6th                    Mercury retrogrades in Aries/Pisces

July 17th 2025 thru August 10th                 Mercury retrogrades in Leo

November 9th 2025 thru Nov 28th.             Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius/Scorpio

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