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                            Johanne Bibeau is an astrologer who has                                forty years of experience providing individual                            and group readings for all walks of life,                                     presenting talks, and leading workshops and                          seminars. A talented and motivational keynote speaker, as well as an experienced radio and television talk show host, Mme. Bibeau is nuanced in a wide range of topics, has excellent rapport with people, is entertaining, informative, and predicts with amazing accuracy.  Among her many offerings are zodiac chart consultations, tarot card readings, and courses in astrology and tarot.  Mme. Bibeau offers her services in both English and French.

As a former radio and TV host, and with a successful website, Johanne has drawn a loyal audience of over one million people and in November 2002 she was recommended by Oprah’s “O Magazine”


Telephone Reading, also available en Français 45 Minutes Telephone Reading with Johanne. You get your astrology chart/forecast. Johanne will make an appointment with you, no charge for the call in USA or Canada.  This is the best reading available on the net and absolutely the best price for a personal reading. $100. 

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If you are not directed to the PayPal pop up window after clicking on the "Buy Now button" please check your pop up blocker settings in your browser or contact us directly for assistance.  Contact us at or call at: 1-561-625-8864

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