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Astro Mobile   A Carmic  "Guide"      by Johanne Bibeau 


ARIES:  1st sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Mars. Aries and cars… they love all of them, red if possible. They drag race from one traffic light to the next. Their tires won’t have a long life! They are the King of speed. They also collect all noisy and useless gadgets. Their favorite cars are the sporty ones and if they can have the best, they will probably vote for a Porsche. ​


TAURUS:  2nd sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Venus. Taureans usually look for cars like the way they are: solid, strong, comfortable, long lasting and economical. This does not mean they dislike luxury cars! More often we see Taureans with a Lexus or Mercedes (with diesel power, because it’s less expensive). Their favorite colors for a car are varying shades of green.  In general, Taureans are so careful on the road that they may create more accidents than they are victim t

GEMINI:  3rd sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is a double sign; most often they own two cars. One cute car and another one where they can fit all their friends! When the time comes to buy a car, their curiosity makes them test-drive everything; however when it’s time to sign a contract they have difficulty making a decision. They just cannot choose…! Their favorite car color is yellow or pale lemon. Gemini are very resourceful; they know all the dealer locations, every brand and type on the market and love all of them. Their cars never stay broken long. They know how to fix everything and can be very mechanical.​


CANCER:  4th sign of Zodiac ruled by the Moon. Cancer always looks for a "RV" family car, but also a practical one. When it comes to buying, Cancers spend wisely and look for the best prices. They dislike wastefulness, and they hold on to their purchases for a long time. They love traveling and dream of owning a recreation vehicle. If you look around, you will see them in a campground or park. Because they are easily distracted they can be dangerous on the road.  Cancer should never drive at night, especially during the full Moon; they could be a “lunatic”!Their favorite car color car is white, smoky blue or gray.

LEO:   5th sign of Zodiac ruled by the Sun. With Leo, when it comes time to buy a car it’s never too much, too big or too beautiful. Their dream is the Rolls Royce, gold color, please! Like the King of the jungle, Leos have a powerful need for admiration and beauty. They pay more attention to the look, than anything else. If they cannot afford this luxury car, you can be sure they will choose the best small car they can afford with a flashy color, to be certain that everyone will see them. Why not a truck? It’s big and nobody can miss it.

VIRGO:  6th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Mercury. With Virgos, cars are not very important. They prefer an unassuming and modest car. For them a car is just a car! Nothing more and nothing less. Being very health-conscious, they must have room for their First Aid Kit and their vitamins. Virgos are economical and will not spend more than is necessary when purchasing a car. They see things not as they are, but in the ideal state, as they could be. There favorite car colors are: dark brown, navy blue or forest green. Nothing flashy thank you.​

LIBRA:  7th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Venus. Librans look for a performance car as well as an esthetic one. They prefer to buy showy stuff or an antique replica, because of their sense of esthetics. They don’t care about having a four-seater; they only think about their partner, anyway. Sophisticated cars are also their choice. They just love them! Nothing is too good for Libra and if they can afford it (or even if they are starving to death), they will drive a luxury car. Libras favorite car colors are: pale blue, pale green and deep rose.

SCORPIO:  8th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Pluto. For Scorpio it’s a shame armored cars and tanks are not for sale at the dealers! They love station wagons, limousines and all vehicles that have a hearse-like look!!! They also may like futuristic, aerodynamic, distinguished and prototype vehicles. Clearly, the James Bond auto is made for them! Most often, they have a gun hidden in their cars, which are fully equipped against their enemies (if there are no enemies, they will surely make some).  Scorpio cars are: black, burgundy (blood color), and eggplant

SAGITTARIUS:  9th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Jupiter. This master planet gives Sagittarians a taste for grandiosity, splendor and comfort. Their choice would be, “James, please bring my car to the main entrance. Don’t forget my attaché and champagne!” When Sagittarius’ conservative side takes over, his spontaneous nature may enable him to choose an amphibious 4 X 4 (with enough room for his ski poles, bikes, fishing rods, hiking boots, maps, etc.). Well equipped, he is ready to take a grand tour around the country. Sagittarians also love antique cars. Their favorite car colors are royal blue and purple.

CAPRICORN:  10th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Saturn. Serious, economical and conservative are the words, here. Cappy never throws his money away. The car of his dreams? No chance. The car of reason? This he knows!! Capricorns are economical and very serious. They attach great importance to the resale value of their cars. They keep their cars for as long as possible, with speedometers often exceeding  l00, 000 miles; even then, they are not sure if they should change cars. Capricorns choose their cars like they choose their partners……for life! When the time does come to change their cars, they will vote for the model with the highest resale value and durability; however, he may choke over the check he will eventually sign!  Their favorite car colors are dark ones: chocolate brown, navy blue or gray.

AQUARIUS:  11th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Uranus. Aquarians will seek out avant-garde and fully equipped cars. Why not the flying car? Why isn’t it for sale yet? Aquarians are very black-and-white either choosing an old or used car based on his wallet, with no concern for resale value, or they want the most sophisticated, technologically developed (why not a space ship to visit my new alien friends?) If you must be a passenger in an Aquarius’ car, you will have to move things to find the seat and close your eyes. Most are very messy. Souvenirs, antiques, pictures, rock or new age music are usually strewn about. They are very much like their cars….interesting and free-wheeling/willed. Their favorite car colors are: electric blue, hot pink, turquoise or silver.

PISCES:  12th sign of Zodiac ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisceans need lots of space like fish in the ocean. That’s why most of them drive big, roomy cars. They are not interested in original or exclusive cars. Their glove -compartments, overflow with useful and useless objects. You can be assured that whatever you need can be found in their cars. If dealers could sell submarines, Pisceans would be lining up at their doors to get one. Their temperaments may cause them to have accidents on the road due to their dreamy nature, lack of concentration, or being under the influence. They often miss their exits on the road and wind up in the middle of nowhere. What the heck happened? Their favorite car colors are: sea green, silvery white or aqua.

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