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TAURUS your best Zodiac matches are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces


TAURUS/ARIES: a fire and earth sign together. This relationship takes a lot of hard work. The Taurus has to guard against the green eye of jealousy and a clinging vine nature. It can drive the Aries mate bonkers. However, a mutual warmth and a shared sense of values can give the relationship a head start. They will certainly share many of the same intellectual and cultural interests and will never be bored. Both possess horns, but who has the stronger pair? Aries are known for their aggressive determination. Taurus can be unflinchingly stubborn. An Aries can usually bat their eyelashes and charm their way out of trouble. The two spring signs together may work if Taurus learns to deal with the impulsive Aries.



Two earth signs together. This combination can seem like two bulls in a china shop! Obstinate and stubborn to the end, they quarrel, argue, and love to make up. Maybe it's the sheer stubbornness that makes them think it can work. This can be a peaceful and solid relationship. Taurus is slow to start, since they are neither impulsive nor anxious; however, they can eventually recognize their twin sign and bond. They are both loyal to each other and stable. Beware of excessive stubbornness between these two as Taurus do not back down easily. 



Taurus and Gemini: an earth and air sign together. Such a match! An hour at twilight by each other's side is filled with greater joy and peace than all life's empty fame. The visionary flights of Gemini are a source of rich inspiration to the practical, receptive mind of Taurus.  A very interesting pair! Most Taurus are steadfast and allergic to sudden change. On the other hand, Gemini are always ready to go and looking for new challenges. This can bring a little dust to their relationship. Gemini, on the other hand, is extremely satisfied by the mental and physical balance of Taurus. If their Moon or rising signs are compatible this is a very good relationship. 



Taurus and Cancer: an earth and water sign together. Combine earth and water and what do you get?  Mud...not always the best combination! They treat each other as possessions and are jealous with no reason. However, they love the poetry of life and their pursuit of spiritual beauty can bring tremendous brilliance to their lives. But in this case the intensity and hypersensitivity of Cancer fares well with the solid and quiet Taurus. It makes them feel safe and secure that gives the relationship continuity. Both work very well together for the same goal and both love children. They know how to make their house a sweet home. 



Taurus and Leo: an earth and fire sign together; maybe not the most secure of matches, but certainly romantic! Number One Rule is: Beware of the Leo bringing flowers. Leo can turn the world of Taurus upside down with new sensations and daring activities. The Taurus heart does bungee jumps! Taurus and Leo are both very proud and noble creatures in their own right. Their hearts are fiercely loyal to each other. Leo has his famous pride, and Taurus is notoriously stubborn. It is this combination that can make frying pans fly...neither one likes to back down. A little compromise on both sides will turn the lion into a honey bunch, and make the Taurus stop seeing red, if they can negotiate! Otherwise, this relationship will not survive.



Taurus and Virgo: two earth signs together. They both have a lot in common and tend to fall easily under each other’s spell. You have the capacity to laugh and romp through Shangri-La with abandon yet you will always have your feet planted firmly upon the ground. Your values are solid, your goals are clear, and together you face a life of prosperity, the deepest of love, and security. Neither becomes angry very easily with each other. Usually, Taurus and Virgo live in peaceful tranquility and protect each other. Virgo pays attention to all the details and can make his/her Taurus very happy.



Taurus and Libra: an earth and air sign together. An almost perfect match! Those in the first part of the sign of Libra should usually steer clear of Taurus, because their impatience can bring much discontent and unhappiness. Taurus and Libra also have to fight becoming two couch potatoes. They are both sensitive, strongly intuitive, affectionate, and demonstrative, and can soar together. Both look for the same things: luxury, good food, passion and love. It seems they have many things in common, and have the perfect balance between strength and harmony. Libras feel secure with Taurus and are cooperative to a fault. That suits the stubborn Taurus just fine. If their moons are compatible, this is a very good relationship.



Taurus and Scorpio: an earth and water sign together.  They have a few strikes against them in the form of rigidity, jealousy, and suspicion; however, caterpillars become butterflies when the timing is right. This pairing believes in hard work, unquestioned loyalty, and power of mind, body, and spirit. On the astrological wheel, they are opposite each other. Opposites really do attract. Taurus and Scorpio tend to be intensely passionate at first, but both love to control. Scorpio is secretive, needs challenge, and loves to spend huge amounts of time alone. The opposite, Taurus, needs security. They are sophisticated with entertaining and communication. This pair can be the perfect match or the worst warriors.



Taurus and Sagittarius: an earth and fire sign together. They are very similar in personality. While their relationship may not be a volcano about to explode, they will have a lifetime made up of a nice balance of qualities bringing tenderness, caring, honesty, and strong family life. Taurus will not change their pace, so it is up to the Sagittarius to slow down their frenzied pace. The clever Sagittarius may be just diplomatic enough to do this. But beware, there is the potential for lots of friction here, and this relationship may not be very peaceful. Be prepared for lot of compromises.



Two earth sign together. A perfect match! A typical life together will blend tickets to the opera, charity balls, working to get their candidate elected to the Senate, the PTA, Barbie dolls, baseball games, and sailing the wide open seas. Both secretly yearn for a love that will last forever and they may have it. There is a lot of potential here. Here we have dual earth signs, and they can certainly make the ground shake. Taurus, are very sensual and affectionate which is good for the Capricorn who seems to lack passion. The clever Taurus can make the Capricorn come down from his/her frozen mountain and live his/her dream.



Taurus and Aquarius: an earth and air sign together. They will have to work hard to have a good life together! They can't simply depend on strolling violinists to get the blood boiling, nor kisses of fire. Aquarius finds it much easier to dream castles than to build them, but the wise Taurus will encourage the strength that lies just beneath the surface. These two are very different. Aquarius hates routine and is always ready for new experiences which make his/her Taurus very insecure. Both are very creative and share a common thread which is their patience. If their moon and rising signs are compatible, this relationship has a chance to last. 



Taurus and Pisces: an earth and water sign together. Usually they will have a comfortable, stable life together while dreaming of what could have been, might have been, if only... It's not too late to interject some sizzle into their relationship. Concentrate on developing your respective inner strength and you just might rediscover each other. If the Pisces is not too big a dreamer... this will be a sweet and happy relationship. Taurus provides grounding and solidarity to the Pisces who is usually swimming around dreamily in the world of illusion. They both are sensual, love to eat, drink and help others.

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