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Monthly Horoscope for February 2023.

The Full Moon on February 6th occurs in Leo and the New Moon on February 20th falls in Pisces. Mercury travels into Capricorn and Aquarius. Venus is in Pisces until February 20th and then on February 21st Venus with meet Jupiter in Aries. Saturn is in Aquarius, Uranus is direct in Taurus, Neptune is direct in Pisces and Pluto is direct in Capricorn.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


SCORPIO:   Your other half, or the other side, has spelled disruption since 2019 when Uranus entered your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, professional partnership, enemies and so on. Interestingly, these kinds of disruptions are only a problem if you try to resist the obvious next move – which is a step up for you, or even a giant leap into the future.

From May 2023, irresistible opportunities will be pushing you to change, so you can be sure that trying to maintain your old situation will be (at best) uncomfortable. Uranus demands that everyone goes to the next level with a duet or duel now – including you. What shakes you up and wakes you up at this time may not be what you had planned or expected, but it will at least provide the momentum you need, together with the opportunity, to find freedom. All this is worth mulling over now as you go in 2023.


The last New Moon on January 21st occurred in your fourth solar house of family and roots. New moons bring fresh starts, so turn a clean page with a loved one or spend quality time with family members. You may also crave more "mother energy" on this emotional New Moon, so prioritize self-care and surround yourself with the nurturers in your squad. This can be a very impactful New Moon and many of you may experience a sudden move of home, relocation or change in the family over the next six months. This may come as shocking or unsettling, but the sooner you adapt, the easier it will be and you may even enjoy your newfound freedom!


Work/Money: Lucky and expansive Jupiter sails into Aries and in your sixth solar house of work until May 15, major new work and job developments are ahead. The 6th house rules "daily work" so your office environment, or whatever is your usual daily experience will have a boost from the lucky Jupiter.

Problems with co-workers or employees have a great chance of finding resolution. 

If you are unemployed and want to have work, the odds of this happening dramatically increase now. If you are self-employed, your business has a great chance to BOOM. 

If you need to hire people, Jupiter is on your side. If you have been busier than you wanted to be with work, Jupiter's presence here can offer a wonderful reprieve.


The Full Moon on February 5th occurs in Leo and your tenth solar house of career. If you have a full-time or part-time job, expect an interesting encounter with someone who either needs you to update them on your own ambitions – or who makes it clear that if you do need a leading figure to follow, they’ll do the leading.


The Full Moon is opposite the Sun in your Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition. The particular circumstances which take you to this point will either be easy, or hard work, depending on what you did in July or August 2022. Your relationship with your clients, colleagues and boss could be on the line on the Full Moon, or you may just need more time and space. The Sun’s transit in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo shows you the realities about your career in 2023. This is useful as you need to plan ahead and figure out who and what the priorities will be.

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