Monthly Horoscope for November 2020


The New Moon on November 15th occurs in Scorpio and the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on November 30th falls in Gemini. On November 3rd Mercury goes direct in Libra and enters in Scorpio on November. Venus is in Libra until November 21, and then enter in Scorpio. On November 113th Mars goes direct in Aries. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn. Uranus retrograde in Taurus and on November 29th Neptune goes direct in Pisces.

A new family of eclipses is staring up on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. All Geminis and Sagittarius will be affected by these eclipses. Personal life is the most likely area to suffer, especially your closest relationships. A lunar eclipse highlights our emotions, home life and partners. The effect of a Lunar Eclipse can last up to three months. This Lunar Eclipse’s energy will be outspoken and will dive into debates with ardor (emotionally, professionally or politically) Lunar Eclipses have a habit of bringing secrets to the surface.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

SCORPIO:    By and large, you’re not famous for your skill of speaking about your feelings or communicating from heart to heart, but lately (from April until now) it’s become clearer and clearer that you need to make a serious change in this regard.

Some Scorpios have been hesitating this year to approach someone they like or maybe just to share with their better half what’s on their mind. This month gives you the chance to completely change their communication strategy so that they can get where they want to be emotionally.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of your fifth solar house of love. Its conjunction with Pluto – your ruler of Scorpio – suggests that you’re ready to open up your heart to your beloved after a long term of emotional issues and doubts related to your personal worth.


Many Scorpios only now realize whether they want the relationship they’re in to continue or to end.

On November 21, Venus (the ruler of your seventh solar house of relationships) will enter into your sign. This astrological context is excellent for beginning a new relationship; if you’re involved in a relatively fresh relationship that you’ve been keeping a secret, now is the time to make it known to your near and dear.


If you’re married, you get the attention and love of your better half; if you’re single, you can fully invest your heart into a new relationship.


Work/Money: The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction also impacts your material situation because Jupiter is the ruler of your second solar house of money.


All professional initiatives and projects or businesses launched by you towards the end of March and throughout April have gotten stuck during summer and have only led to a small portion of the benefits they were counting on when it comes to income, professional progress, market share and so on.

If that’s where you’re at, here is some good news: in November odds are things will turn in your favor, and the work you’ve put in will start to yield results or at least you’ll get solid evidence that things are going in the right direction. Either way, significant opportunities are coming your way when it comes to developing your business or making a stand professionally.

On November 13, Mars resumes its direct motion through your sixth solar of work, and helps you put into motion the plans for change which you’ve come up with or which you’ve adjusted since September onward.


If you don’t have a job or your current job doesn’t satisfy you and you want to change it, you now get the chance to find something fitting your skills and experience.

Just as favorable for Scorpios is also the Sun (the ruler of your tenth solar house of career) transiting your sign until November 21 and then moving into your second solar house.


Because the aspects the Sun is making throughout November are harmonious, you’re in for a fruitful, bountiful term, full of opportunities for promotions and getting justly repaid.