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Monthly Horoscope for July

The New Moon on July 5 occurs in Cancer and the Full Moon on July 21 occurs in Capricorn. Mercury enters Leo on July 3 and will stay there until July 25. Venus is in Cancer until July 11th, then Venus will enter Leo and will remain until August 5. Mars sails in Taurus until July 20, then Mars will be in Gemini until September 4. Jupiter is direct in Gemini. Saturn retrograde in Pisces until November 14. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune retrogrades in Pisces as well as Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius and returns to Capricorn until November 19.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


Scorpio:  On July 5th, this New Moon in Capricorn occurs in your 9th solar house and will bring a fresh perspective and worldview that inspires you to begin new, long-term chapters.

You might decide to go back to school or embark on a new spiritual journey in which you explore new beliefs, knowledge, and wisdom.

You may find yourself willing to allocate precious time to focus on learning, even though you're slightly worried that others might deem it foolish.

The only person who can really hold you back is yourself, so cut the anchors and elevate your mind.


Mars and Uranus are together in Taurus and in your seventh solar house of relationships until July 20.  The burning issue in your life now will be about duet or duel. This will make you feel fired up and passionate or the other person. Could be either.                                                 


You'll want to do something - now and that's understandable. Turn back is the same chart zone two years ago, though! You should be able to learn from any mistakes you made (or nearly made) at the time. And yet, if you want to be free, need to be free and independent, it may be worth it.

From July 12th thru July 25, Venus and Mercury sails together in Cancer and in your ninth solar house, bringing added excitement to your love life until the end of June.                                          

If you can't bolt out of town for a spontaneous break, at least squeeze in a few road trips and a staycation before the month is through.

Diversify your friendship portfolio by purposefully mingling with people from different cultures. You'll strengthen your bond by experiencing adventures together for the first time.

Work/Money: If you are retired, unemployed or have full-time home duties, Chiron’s general message about maverick behavior applies to your most important ambitions in the context of duty and service. How do you define duty? Where are you headed, in terms of your health as well? That’s where you’ll now feel like pushing the envelope, and doing what they say cannot be done. The rules with Chiron are: try it!


Jupiter in Gemini and your 8th solar house of money? You may receive a large check or valuable gift, or you may receive a generous payout from a claim you made to an insurance company.

Your boss may give you a bonus or large commission. Alternatively, you may win a scholarship or be told you will get more university financial aid than you ever anticipated.

If you are finalizing a divorce, you may be amazed at the size of the settlement. You may win a prize from a contest you entered or be given a valuable gift or inheritance.

As your luck’s in since last month and until June 2025, so even now, you really need to give full attention to what you earn, own or owe – and make sure that you pour masses of energy into your relationship with a certain someone from now on. The long-term picture of this year, and maybe next year too, is being painted the





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