Bad Traits
- Idealistic
- Detached

- Dry Humor

- Unemotional

(January 20th - February 18th)
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Type: Fixed
Planetary symbol: The Water Bearer

Description:  Aquarians seem to have more of a philosophical outlook on life, which can often lead to a preoccupation with social and ideological concepts. Although the Aquarian is in essence friendly, they often seem to be perceived as cool and detached, which does seem to help with their determination and staying power in business. Aquarians have a progressive view of things and rarely, if ever, follow others. Once they do come to a conclusion though, it is very hard to alter it, even with many facts and figures.

Good Traits
- Loyal

- Honest

- Friendly

- Independent

- Causes

-Having Fun

-Thinking of the future

- Reminiscing of the past

- Limitations
- Loneliness
- The ordinary
- Other idealistic people



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