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Influenced by the 3rd house and third sign of the zodiac, "Gemini" (how we communicate with others).

This year is a year to socialize, create, communicate, and reap the seeds you have sown.
There will be many small things to do and you may be scattered. You may have many
group discussions and conversations. You will meet new people, possibly travel quite a
bit and certainly have more contact with relatives and immediate neighbors. It is as if
communication was suddenly turned on in your mind and you feel that you have to
communicate with as many people as possible. Excellent time for marketing, advertising, learning, traveling and making new contacts. The seeds of cooperation are sown this year. You will learn how to make concessions with people whose opinions and attitudes differ from yours. An incredible amount of learning takes place now and an important part of that is learning to be in harmony with others. This is also a very good year for all kinds of intellectual activities and also to speak and listen to other points of view.
Problems of the past can be resolved this year. Relationships and important projects can flourish. New opportunities are all around you.

This year’s dynamic vibration enables you to determine your true desires and realize that they are attainable regardless of what appears to be standing in your way. This is a year of great change. However, before the direction of your happiness can be uncovered, you may first have to detect and eliminate the many sources of your unhappiness.

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