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Monthly Horoscope for July

The New Moon on July 5 occurs in Cancer and the Full Moon on July 21 occurs in Capricorn. Mercury enters Leo on July 3 and will stay there until July 25. Venus is in Cancer until July 11th, then Venus will enter Leo and will remain until August 5. Mars sails in Taurus until July 20, then Mars will be in Gemini until September 4. Jupiter is direct in Gemini. Saturn retrograde in Pisces until November 14. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune retrogrades in Pisces as well as Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius and returns to Capricorn until November 19.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

Aquarius:  On July 5th, the New Moon in Cancer is especially so when it comes to your job, where you give service or whatever it is that keeps you busy. This might be the motivation to clear out the garage, apply for a new job or to start a new health or exercise regime.

If you have procrastinated in the past, this is the perfect chance to put that behind you. Use this lunar light to advance your ambitions, and you could reap the rewards by the corresponding full Moon on January 13th 2024.                                                                                                                        

Just because you started something but didn't finish it in the past, has no bearing on the wave New Moon can create.

On July 21st, the Full Moon in Capricorn occurs in your 12th solar house. It's alerts you to the many things you have put on hold throughout the past year, and it enables you to clear through and take the right action. It can often bring things that were kept from you out into the open. The 12th house it's our past, our memories, patterns and our beliefs. It's certainly a time where the past comes back up for you to revisit.                  

If you feel like you're antisocial, don't worry, it will only last a few days. You might need a brief period of withdrawing from the fray and recharging run-down batteries. If you're feeling a bit confused and unable to make decisions, perhaps that's also part of the recuperation process.

A new path for the family will emerge with Mars and Uranus (your ruler) in Taurus. Expect a strong sense of the past, present and future all colliding – and be prepared for the fact that the family’s new direction with you will always owe something to the person or situation which now requires action. Or does it? What sort of action, too?

Your domestic and property situation will also be affected by this transit. This energy can also signify disputes with others or over real estate. Choose your battle Aquarius!                                                                                                         

If you put aggression out there with family or household member (or even outright anger) remember that every action provokes a reaction. Equally, if you are pushy about your clan without being sensitive enough to take other people into consideration, that too will have a domino effect. The golden rule is to consider the issue at stake again, when Mars has left your Fourth Solar House after July 20.

From July 21st through September 4th, Mars will be in Gemini and your fifth solar house of love. This is a time when you will demand to be yourself and to express to others what and who you are. You are filled with energies that want to cry to the world, "I am!" You will not be especially inclined to self-denial, discipline, postponing self-gratification, or taking a back seat to another.

However, this is not a conflict- laden time unless your self-assertive energies are totally denied by circumstances or you give them no expression.                                                                                  

It is much more likely that these energies will be expressed in a playful and sportive way. In fact, any athletic activity, if you are so inclined, is an excellent outlet for this influence. In love relationships, this influence signifies that your desire nature is rather strong, that you know what you want and will try to get it.

From July 12th through July July 25th, Mercury and Venus sails into your seventh solar of relationships. You’ll have common goals now, or complimentary goals. So, keep your eyes on the prize, and just keep walking. But remember – the other person will be at a completely different level to you, now, unless he or she is also the same sign as yours. What brings you together now is that all-important mutual goal.

What will keep you together, is your ability to communicate properly as with each other, about any power issues, and work as a team.

On July 20th, the Sun enters in Leo and your seventh solar house of relationships. Your partner, ex-partner or potential future partner will be in the spotlight now. This can be love or work. So, will your enemy, opponent or rival if you have one. This is the cycle for duets and duels, with a big choice coming after July 20 and in August.                                                                 

The Sun will illuminate and expose all the corners of your key relationships with partners – past, present or future. This cycle will start the discussion, open up the chance for fact-finding and set the agenda with a duet or duel for the rest of 2024.

It’s your chance to examine how well you’ve handled the duet, and where things stand now. The Leo’ Sun will shine a torch into the most closed-off areas of your two-way street, so prepare yourself for this. The advantage for you? Total clarity.

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