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Monthly Horoscope for April

The New Moon (first total solar eclipse of 2023) on April 8th occurs in Aries and the Full Moon on April 23rd falls in Scorpio. Mercury travels into Aries and will remain until May 14th (due to his retrograde motion. On April 6th Venus enter into Aries and will remain until April 29th. Mars sails into Pisces until April 30th.  Jupiter is in Taurus until May 25. Saturn is in Pisces until February 2026. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune is direct in Pisces and Pluto is direct in Aquarius.

When a planet is retrograde in our charts, it means that the properties of that planet, in a sense, are reversed. The times that Mercury goes retrograde defines a time for us to slow down and go within. Think about what is happening in our lives and where we are going. Most of us see this time as an annoyance, but once again, Astrology is a tool and we need to use the time for our benefit.

Generally speaking, during a Mercury retrograde, we can expect delays, traffic situations, problems in communications (especially with telephones and cell phones), computer problems, delays in mail, and we never want to sign any contracts or legal documents, especially long-term ones. We don't throw logic completely out the window, if something needs to be taken care of and is of an urgent nature, we don't put it off, we just do what we need to do and see what unfolds.

All Aries and Libra are affected by this solar eclipse. Personal life is the most likely area to suffer, especially your closest relationships. The effect of a Solar Eclipse can last up to six months even years, so allow yourself to be acutely aware of all that you set in motion the day before, the day of and the day after the Eclipse!

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

Aquarius:  This is an historic month for relaunching and no matter how old you are, or how many gigs you have taken on board, there is every chance you will acquire a new role, title and business card in the next few years. Pluto is with you until 2044 so you’re not exactly pushed for time.     

Your appearance will be powerful. It could be everything. This is all going to take time and acquiring a title, or titles plural? More power.


All this is further up the road, but you will see early signs in 2024-2025. Just be aware that any really big decisions would benefit from a publicist or PR specialist who comes highly recommended.       

It’s the same with your weight or shape. It’s a smart idea to look at experts; same with cosmetic surgery; to go the pros, don’t just assume.

On April 8th the New Moon (total solar eclipse) occurs in Aries. This eclipse also called the North Node affects siblings and cousins this year and into early 2025.

If you know that you've betrayed justice on any level, put others at an unfair advantage or disadvantage or just literally been unfair to people - in the past- you have to accept that the North of karma must do its work. And if a sibling or cousin owes you? You will be repaid.

Expressive Mercury swings into its annual alignment with gracious Venus in your expressive third house.

Under these stars, you’ll have an opportunity to show people the benefits of your ideas and, if you've been on the outs with someone, to bury the hatchet and move into a more amicable and productive place.

It’s not enough to be clear and direct in your communication, Aquarius; the personal touch will help you connect on an authentic level and inspire people to get on-board with your vision.

Keep in mind that Mercury retrogrades from April 2nd to the 25th. You may have a hard time understanding others, they have a hard time understanding you, you may have fights, delays with projects, problems with technology, electronics, or the internet, and trouble dealing with smaller projects.                                                                                                                                                               

You can also have difficulties with younger people, siblings or neighbors, and with short travel (along with the things you use for short travel, so cars, buses, bicycles, etc.).

On the other hand, this is a good time to pick up old writing, have a conversation over again, or reconnect with a sibling or neighbor.

Work/Money: On April 23rd the only Scorpio Full Moon of the year is likely to have a dual purpose and because of where it falls there could be some pressure, but is ultimately what you need, when you need it most.

Falling in your career sector this has the power to bring professional matters to a head or to a tipping or turning point, just as a major push to get things moving on the work front has run its course. This is the final wildcard, putting everything on the table. Yet it also performs another function, alerting you to any work/life balance issues.

Mars sails into Pisces heating up your second solar house of work and money. You're motivated to work harder and get your bottom line in tip-top shape.

Of course, necessity might be the mother of your ambitious streak, as stressful Mars can ramp up the pressure on a project. Deadlines may be short while hours get long.

The payoff for going into "hustle" mode? You could put yourself in the running for a plum promotion or bonus. Bring your A-game, and don't back down from healthy competition.                


This can very easily lead to impulsive purchases, followed by buyer's remorse. Stay on top of your budget and take into account any surprise expenses that may arise.

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