Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

On May 10th Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus until June 2nd. Generally speaking during a Mercury retrograde, we can expect delays, traffic situations, problems in communications (especially with telephones and cell phones), computer problems, delays in mail, and we never want to sign any contracts or legal documents, especially long term ones. We don't throw logic completely out the window, if something needs to be taken care of and is of an urgent nature, we don't put it off, we just do what we need to do and see what unfolds. For more personal affects, we see what planets and houses are effected in our Natal charts to define what area of our lives the retrograde will influence and what we can potentially experience during that time.

On May 29th Venus enter in Taurus. Mars travels into Pisces until May 28th. From May 3rd thru May 29th Venus travels into Aries. On May 11th Jupiter enter into Aries. Saturn is direct in Aquarius. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune is direct in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

 On April 30th was a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Taurus and on May 16th the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) falls in Scorpio.

All Taurus and all Scorpio are strongly affected by these eclipses. Eclipses help correct the course of your life. Personally, a phase of your life ends and a new one begins. Whatever part of your life is not in sync with your true life’s purpose will show the most change and this can be seen by where this eclipse falls in your personal chart. Keep in mind that this is all good and part of your plan for growth as you are forced to finally drum up the courage make necessary life corrections!

In 2022-2023, we are into Scorpio (South Node, past) and Taurus (North Node, future) where we get to work on whether we choose Love & Money (Taurus) or death & sex (Scorpio). We have more work to do, and I trust that you are up to it. Use this intention setting moment to commit to doing your part to lift the vibration as we birth this New Earth. The work is mighty, but it is why we came.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

AQUARIUS:  Venus plays in your third solar house from May 3rd until May 29, indicating a more light-hearted, curious, and intellectual approach to love and pleasure, as well as a more easygoing communicative style.

During this cycle you are especially charming in your communications with others. Your words are soothing, and you tend to use words to smooth over problems that you see around you. You are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual. Essentially, you are quite companionable during this time. You enjoy talking about what interests you, and you see value in the exchange of ideas. Sometimes this transit brings benefit through siblings, communications, or short trips.

Good companionship is as equally important as romance to you this month. You prefer an intellectual, communicative, and witty partner just now, and your powers of attraction are increased through expressing these types of qualities. You are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport, and you are especially good at mediating conflicts now. If you were to begin a romance or friendship, it would likely be quite light-hearted.

On May 10th through October 20, Jupiter sails in Aries and in your third solar house. The relationship with your sibling or cousin now may be close, distant, or ‘other.’  The sibling or cousin relationship to date has followed certain patterns or pathways – but a whole new set of possibilities will turn up now. The time has come to explore bigger, better ways to be this person’s sibling or cousin.

For the next six months is also about all that can give you much more scope to explore the written or spoken word. Your ideas and opinions could travel a very long way at this time, and open up all kinds of doors for you.  Finally, the Third House is associated with short trips. These short journeys will introduce you to people, ideas and concepts which will offer wonderful possibilities.

On April 30th a Solar Eclipse (also call the North Node) occurred in Taurus and in your forth solar house of family. From now through October 2023, this cycle could easily give you a long karmic view of a close relative (mum or dad, perhaps?) but it can also give your perspective going back in 19 year cycles, about distant relatives and the more inspiring people in the family tree. Flat mates, tenants, house guests and other ‘home’ connections can also cast a karmic shadow now. Closure?

Saturn is in your Sign until March 6th 2023. Your new slogan may be "Home is where MY heart is" as the future-oriented master teacher prepares two years of lesson plans designed to show you the value of a secure home and family life. Are your goals for family planning coming true? Saturn will help you realize your ambitions and save money for the kind of long-term stability needed to support those dreams.

Take care of your health during this time, eat well, drink plenty of water, and try to regulate your sleep as Saturn in this position can disturb your appetite and sleeping patterns.

Work/Money: Turning to the position of Mars, it seems you’ve been going through an expensive period lately, since Mars entered Pisces on April 16. Mars will leave Pisces on May 24, so this expensive period will soon end. You might be planning a big change for this year, and lifestyle changes usually require lots of funds.

You would be willing to take a strong, assertive stance to protect your income. You're motivated to work harder and get your bottom line in tip-top shape. You are willing to take a strong, assertive stance to protect your income. Mars will make you eager to make more money, but will also increase your expenses, giving you more motivation to speak up. When it comes to money and new assignments, your chart looks spectacular.

On May 16th here comes a Lunar Eclipses (also call the South Node) in your tenth solar house of career: Karma rotates and revolves in terms of success, now. Your boss, colleagues, clients and professional rivals will be part of the loop of credits and debts, now. What you have in mind, in terms of your ambitions, can even settle old scores, or open up justifiable rewards, in your particular workplace, field or industry.

The domino effect that results from this can even change things for you in 2022 - 2023. The cycle ends in October 2023 but for now, repetition is here.