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Simple Tarot readings for Love

You receive instructions on how to read four different tarot card love spreads. The book includes more than 1000 different card combinations with their interpretations. Simple to learn and easy to use. Methods never revealed until now! Instantly become a tarot card reader and uncover the hidden truth through the power of the tarot. Johanne uses the twenty two major arcana of the Tarot. This method is very direct and precise. You will become proficient and comfortable with the results very quickly. You will receive complete instructions on how to read Johanne's love spreads for yourself and your friends. The book will be downloading in your email address.  To order your Love Spread Book click on the icon below only $5.95

Once your purchase is completed you will receive the link for your book via email directly from Johanne.

Here is an example of one of the spreads in this book. The Love Spread

Preparation for your readings:

First of all, avoid reading the cards when you are emotionally disturbed or under stress. Make sure that nothing will disturb your session. (unplug the phone, etc.)

• Find a comfortable place to sit. Put a dark cloth on the table in front of you (or any other flat surface), large enough to spread the cards comfortably.
• Burn a stick of incense or/and light a candle.
• Lay the twenty-two Major Arcana on the cloth (count them to make sure they are all there), and mix them well with both hands.
• Spend a few minutes thinking about the question you wish to ask the Tarot.
• When you’re ready, either say the question aloud or write it down.
• Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Relax your body.
• Open your eyes and focus on the cards in front of you.

• Now choose your four cards and place them in their intended positions.

The card in position # 1 talks about your question.

The card in position # 2 tells you about your mate or potential mate.
The card in position # 3 relates to what is out of your control (such as the blueprint of your destiny or that of others).
The card in position # 4 answers your question and how you will deal with the outcome.

Now turn over your four cards. You will find their meanings in the following pages, in the position they sit in.

But before you start looking out for your answers, remember: Time does not exist where the Tarot retrieves its information. Hence, the events it predicts can occur immediately or take months to manifest, sometimes even years. Always start the interpretation with the card sitting in the #1 position, which gives you a general idea of your present situation and what you have the power to control. Naturally, the combination of the Major Arcana are varied and each must be adapted to your situation, taking into account your age, gender, etc.

All Major Arcana bear a number showing on the card, except for the Fool which sits here at the very end of the series.

Example of a 4-Card Tarot Love spread reading:


This reading was done by Johanne for "Sylvia", a woman who had recently married her boyfriend of nine years. Prior to their marriage, she had broken-up the relationship and moved five hundred miles away. He then attempted reconciliation and proposed her marriage. Once married, due to their respective professional obligations, they were forced to live apart. She wanted a reading because of a "bad feeling" she had regarding the loyalty of her husband.
Placing the twenty-two Major Arcana face down on the table, Johanne asked Sylvia to mix them well with both hands while concentrating on her relationship, and when she felt ready to choose four cards, placing them one by one in their proper positions. Johanne reminded Sylvia that the first card would relate to her question, the second to her spouse, the third to what was out of her control, and the forth would answer the question.


Sylvia’s four cards were:


1) The Sun XIX: Relating to Sylvia’s present situation, this card talked about love, happiness and represented also her spouse who was very much in love with her and wanting a stable relationship.
2) The Empress III: Relating to her spouse, his actions and how he may feel about the relationship, the Empress symbolized his hopes and willingness t o submit to her wishes. He was waiting for her. She had all the power and it would be up to her to decide if she wanted to move with him or not.
3) The Devil XV: Relating to what was out of her control, the Devil clearly pointed to a malicious event or betrayal. Hidden issues would likely be the cause of her disappointment as she would have to face some unpleasant facts, and have to make a decision.
4) The Death XIII: Concluding the reading, the Death card in this last position was pointing to the end of the relationship. Having faced the truth, Sylvia would have to choose if she wanted to stay with her husband or leave him for good.


Recapitulation - Johanne to Sylvia: Your husband truly loves you (Sun XIX in the #1 position), and is waiting for you (Empress in the # 2 position). However, this relationship is missing openness, and a discovery will bring about important issues, which may or may not be settled (Devil XV in the # 3 position). It is up to you, and you may decide to end this relationship because of your discovery (Death XIII in the # 4 position).


Conclusion - Johanne: It is often challenging to read cards because the reader must make a concerted effort not to disturb the seeker or to influence his/her decision. However, our seeker’s "bad feelings” about the relationship were correct. Several weeks later, Sylvia came back for another reading and recounted that her friend (who lived in the same town as her husband) had seen him involved in a romantic situation with another woman. He asked for her forgiveness saying that it was a mistake.


Remarks: The Death card represents the end of a situation but may also represent a major transformation followed by a new beginning. The Empress in second position (representing the seeker’s spouse), being a card of acquiescence, revealed that he didn’t want to leave his wife and would stay in the relationship. If instead of the Empress, the Death card had appeared, it would have meant that it was the husband with the power to end the relationship.

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