Monthly Horoscope for March 2020


The Full Moon on March 8th occurs in Virgo and the New Moon on March 24th occurs in Aries. Venus travels in Taurus and Mars is in Capricorn. On March 10th Mercury goes direct in Aquarius and enter in Pisces on March 16. Jupiter is in Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto. Uranus is in Taurus and Neptune is in Pisces. 

Mercury retrograde until March 9 in Aquarius.

Generally speaking during a Mercury retrograde, we can expect delays, traffic situations, problems in communications (especially with telephones and cell phones), computer problems, delays in mail, and we never want to sign any contracts or legal documents, especially long term ones. We don't throw logic completely out the window, if something needs to be taken care of and is of an urgent nature, we don't put it off, we just do what we need to do and see what unfolds.

For more personal affects, we see what planets and houses are effected in our Natal charts to define what area of our lives the retrograde will influence and what we can potentially experience during that time.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here



CANCER:  Your love life seems to be intense this month, with more of an emphasis on sensuality, charm, and seduction games – all encouraged by the transit of the planet of love in Taurus.

This transit starts on March 5 and activates your eleventh solar house (social life), so single Cancers might be particularly favored, if they go to more parties, outings with friends, and group activities – connected to their professional or personal life. That way, they have better odds at meeting new people and starting new relationships, even if they start out as friendships.

On March 23, Saturn (the ruler of your seventh solar house of relationships) transits into your eight solar house of intimacy. This transit can trigger the need for your relationship or marriage to become deeper, not limited to physical attraction and material interests.

On the other hand, some of you may enter a phase during which they’ll understand that their relationships can only change if they themselves go through deep changes and become aware of their emotional dependency on others.

On March 27, the conjunction between Jupiter – and Pluto (the ruler of your fifth solar house of love) starts to come together in the house of relationships and marriage.


Under these astrological circumstances, relationships which have reached a critical point are either reformed entirely, from the ground up, or end. On the other hand, harmonious relationships encounter the best conditions to be renewed, experience new beginnings and maybe even a more relaxed and detached attitude that will encourage personal independence and not mutual smothering.

Work/Money: Jupiter and Mars (the rulers of sixth solar house of work and career) are in your seventh solar house of relationships, partnerships, and associations; it says a lot about the strategy from which you stand to gain this month.

If you’re a good team player, keep others in mind, delegate tasks, and choose the right collaborators, so you’ll be successful professionally. But it’s very important how you allocate everyone’s tasks – you might need to work more on this particular topic.


Since Jupiter makes a conjunction with Pluto on March 27 (aspect that becomes perfected on April 5), you need to thoroughly revise business partnerships, associations and responsibilities you’ve taken on, but also to carefully analyze your competition.

When it comes to money, you have nothing to worry about. On March 20, the Sun (the ruler of your second solar house of worked-for money) will enter in Aries and in your tenth solar house of career.


As a result, after March 20 you might conclude that your income improves or that your higher-ups are much more appreciative of you and willing to offer you a chance at a promotion.



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