Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

On May 11th the New Moon occurs in Taurus and on May 26th the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) falls in Gemini. Mars travels into Cancer all month. On May 4th Mercury enter in Gemini and will retrograde on May 29 until June 22.

On May 9th Venus enter in Gemini until June 2nd. On May 13th Jupiter enter in Pisces and stay until July 28. On May 22nd Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune is direct in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

On May 26th, 2021, is a Full Moon “lunar eclipse” in the sign of Sagittarius. The effects of a Lunar Eclipse last up to about six months in waves. In astrology, lunar eclipses also force us to eliminate behaviors, habits, relationships, and even things that we would rather leave behind. By undertaking this great cleansing, we are making room to welcome new and more cheerful elements into our lives. The end of the year is therefore the perfect time to take advantage of this heavenly event.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here



CANCER:   On May 9th Venus (planet of love) enter in Gemini and through your solar twelfth house until June 2nd. Matters of the heart touch you deeply. You may willingly play a supportive role to a partner, offering him or her more compassion and selfless love.

If a romance were to begin during this period, it would likely be a private or even secret one. What you don't know might just be helping you right now, because what's happening behind your back is moving in your favor and all will come out happily when your dreams become a reality soon enough.

Venus comes out of "hiding" until June 2nd, when your emotions will be on your sleeve. For now, laying low is best in the love department.

With Mercury in your 12th solar house until July 11th, you may be inclined to keep your opinions to yourself and not communicate them to others, even when you should. The problem here is that you may feel that others will hold anything you say against you. And this may be true, especially if your words are motivated by petty ego concerns. But it is even more likely that what you don't say will be held against you, so it is very important at this time to say everything that has to be said.

Keep in mind, however, that Mercury retrograde from May 29 to June 22- takes place in Gemini and your 12th solar house of relaxation and closure. This tricky cycle can scramble technology, communication and travel, so you'll have to be extra vigilant with your interactions. You'll be prone to forgetfulness and fatigue during this time, and you'll need to give your brain periodic breaks.


Over scheduling yourself is NOT advised. P.S.: It's okay to ask for help! The pull to be a martyr is strong now, but you'll only pay the price with burnout. While Mercury is retrograde in this reflective zone, it's a good time to de-clutter—and that goes for your physical, emotional AND mental space. 


On May 13th through July 28th, Jupiter enter in Pisces and in your 9th solar house until July 28. You are about to push back the borders of your life to let in richer, more meaningful experiences. You have options to accomplish this, but one way that might be high on your list will be to travel.


You are at a point where you may feel the need to break free of same old routines and heavy restraints. Now that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is in fellow water-sign Pisces, you have a superb chance to open up the shutters of your mind, breathe in fresh air, and build meaningful memories through new experiences.

On May 26th the full moon (lunar eclipse) with this South Node in your Sixth House, will alter the way you approach your health and well-being. I would say that even without COVID-19, Cancer as it is literally in your chart.


By being stuck with ideas, habits or set-ups which aren’t appropriate for 2021, you think differently by 2022. Not surprisingly, this cycle often sees dramatic changes in the way people eat, drink and exercise, and also in the way they approach addictions (anything from sugar to cigarettes falls into this category.) 


And you have some choices to make about who or what you slide ‘up’ in your life, and who or what you slide down.