Monthly Horoscope for July 2020


 On July 5th a Full Moon « lunar eclipse » takes place in Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in Cancer until July 12. Venus is direct in Gemini. Mars is in Aries. Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn until September 12. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn until September 28. Uranus is in Taurus. Neptune retrograde in Pisces as well as Pluto in Capricorn.

Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by your natal house/sign in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

All Cancer and all Capricorns are strongly affected by these eclipses. Eclipses help correct the course of your life. Personally, a phase of your life ends and a new one begins. Whatever part of your life is not in sync with your true life’s purpose will show the most change and this can be seen by where this eclipse falls in your personal chart. Keep in mind that this is all good and part of your plan for growth as you are forced to finally drum up the courage make necessary life corrections!!

The effects of the eclipses can be felt up to six months from when they happen.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


CANCER:   There’s was a solar eclipse on June 21st in Cancer, and the lunar eclipse of July 5th occurs in Capricorn and in your seventh solar house of relationships.


So certain relationships or your marriage might reach a critical point or could require taking significant decisions, maybe even radical ones.


Something might change drastically in the balance of your life as a couple, in the power balance between you and your better half.


For the next six months, this past solar eclipse will encourages personal redefining, individual restructuring, repositioning in partnerships.


You need to find a balance between your needs as well as your partner needs. On the other hand, in very troubled marriages it might be time for a divorce.

Some of you may think about getting married, but this month isn’t a good time for making such decisions. You tend to miss certain aspects of your relationship and only after July 5th, will begin to perceive them as they truly are.

Single? Tend to dream about relationships that would necessarily end in marriage, which drastically limits their love lives. They pretty much cause their own frustrations. So try to relax, to attempt to meet as many interesting people as possible so you’ll have plenty of options.

It’s worth noting that both the ruler of your house of love and flirting, and the ruler of your house of relationships and marriage are still in apparent retrograde motion.


So it’s not really a good time to begin new relationships, but rather to re-evaluate, assess, discover inner truths about how you interact and how much you often expect from a potential partner or from your better half.

Work/Money: With Mars in Aries and in your the tenth solar house of career, you may express this energy as a strong desire to work, and indeed this is an excellent time for work, especially if you get the credit for it.


This is not a good time to work behind the scenes for someone else. You are likely to have serious conflicts with anyone who tries to take credit for what you have done. If people do not give you adequate scope, you may very well feel very angry toward them.


Beware of acting impulsively or from purely egotistical motives. While it is necessary to assert yourself, don't overdo it. You will only provoke opposition from people who try to cut you down. Carefully planned activity, however, can bring you great success.

Negotiations begun during last month are re-launched after July 12, and you can reach some constructive conclusions whether you’re looking for a job or are looking for some new contracts as an entrepreneur.



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