Monthly Horoscope for January 2020

Om January 10th 2020, the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) occurs in Cancer and on the 24th the New Moon occurs in Aquarius. Mercury travels into Capricorn and Aquarius. Venus sails in Aquarius and Pisces. On January 4th Mars enters in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Capricorn, Uranus goes direct in Aries, Neptune is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn. 

The Full Moon on Friday, January 10, 2020, at 20 degrees Cancer is an “annual lunar eclipse”.  Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an impartial and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

This lunar eclipse is powerful and confrontational because is under pressure from Saturn and Pluto. Intense emotional reactions, compulsive behavior, and power struggles are likely to result in a crisis.

Under the energy of this Eclipse, we are going to be guided to come face to face with all we need to let go, all we need to release, and all we need to bring closure to.

Our fears are coming up from the surface, our pains are rising up from

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CAPRICORN MONTHLY HOROSCOPE:   For the first time since 2008, bountiful Jupiter moved into your sign, ushering in a new era of confidence, optimism and positivity. Between now and December 19, 2020, you'll have a stream of opportunities to reinvent your life (almost) any way you wish.

This time very much brings an energy of "It's all about ME!" This can be a great thing, especially to those who have suffered tremendously from self-sacrifice and self-neglect.  As with every transit, focusing on achieving perfect balance is a great goal. Fresh starts and personal expansion, here you come!

Also with Jupiter in your sign, you can actually lift the self-esteem and self-focus to such a degree that it could be exaggerated into unhealthy conceit and arrogance. 

On the top of that, the solar eclipse on December 26th 2019, fell in your sign. You could use the energy of this eclipse to start renewing or reinventing yourself.


You can now initialize personal projects that can prove to be profitable during the next six months. 


It’s time to express your thoughts and desires in a decisive manner, claim your rights, make an effort to really get to know and evaluate yourself. Where in doubt, you can try to see yourself though the eyes of others or ask for their opinion of you.

On January 10th the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) in Cancer and shake up your seventh solar house of committed partnerships. Eclipses are famous for sweeping away what no longer serves us and shaping wishy-washy plans into more definite form.


This eclipse is the culmination of the July 16, 2019, Cancer solar eclipse, which left behind a trail of retina-protecting "eclipse glasses" and shook up your closest ties (both business and personal) in a big way.

For some Capricorns, this full moon could swiftly turn a relationship official—or bring a dramatic exit.


Maybe there's a part of this alliance that simply doesn't work for you anymore. You could find the courage to change the terms and explore ones that suit you both better.



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