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GEMINI: Gemini your best Zodiac matches are: Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.


GEMINI/ARIES: an air and fire sign together. These two love to bicker, almost affectionately because they are Spring signs. Conflicts happen often but are always quickly resolved and all is forgiven and forgotten. You always end up on the same team. They find each other lovable and endearing. There is a childlike innocence in everything they say or do.



Gemini and Taurus: an air and earth sign together. The solid, quiet Taurus and the Gemini make an interesting pair. Taurus are steadfast and allergic to sudden change. On the other hand, Gemini can secure and easily convince his/her Taurus that the change is for the best.  Both love humor and entertainment. Emotionally, Taurus feels insecure with Gemini.



Communication is the key, here. Two air signs together, this relationship may seem very crowded to the casual passerby. When two Gemini's live together, each of  needs attention. You will have loads of conversation, ideas, dreams and small talk to last them a lifetime. There will be no shortage of fun and outlandish escapades. Your lives will be full of changes.



Gemini and Cancer: an air and water sign together! They usually eye each other warily. Gemini senses that a Cancer may be too brooding, gloomy or serious for a relationship. A Cancer does not like the fact that a Gemini always seems to be hard on them and argue with them too often. Cancer needs to let go and give some freedom to his/her Gemini.



Gemini and Leo: an air and fire sign together! Good combination. Gemini always has lots of new ideas and projects and Leo is creative. Their relationship is not boring at all. This is an involvement that both will find hard to resist. The Gemini loves to hear the Lion purring happily. There is an instant, mutual magnetism between these two. Both are generous, passionate and very social.



Gemini and Virgo: an air and earth sign together! This combination shares a sharp intellect and sense of humor, but both can be critical. Not all of these fare well in this relationship. Virgo, sometimes find Gemini's too frivolous and childlike. Both like to talk, to hash and rehash things through. Your shared ability to communicate will see this couple through.



Two air signs together. One of the best combinations. Gemini can finally be balanced, and Libra tackles this job wonderfully. This is as close to a match made in heaven as a Gemini can get. You both love to give, share, love and talk. There is no shortage of affection, cuddling and kisses.



Gemini and Scorpio: an air and water sign together! The dramatic Scorpions love to work their magic on Gemini's, pinning down the twinkle-toed Gemini. Gemini needs freedom and the possessive Scorpio may have a problem controlling his/her Gemini. Scorpios enjoy the chase, almost as much as they enjoy the final surrender. If and when these two finally come together, they often have a hard time staying together. It's not an easy relationship.



Gemini and Sagittarius: an air and fire sign together. Both love communication and confrontation. Gemini has a full stream of consciousness flowing out into the universe, while Sagittarius is full of ideas, dreams, convictions and will explain in detail to anyone who will listen how he plans to carry them out. Their relationship will never be boring.



Gemini and Capricorn: an air and earth sign together. Both want solid answers, however when asked a question, the Gemini just smiles enigmatically and dances away. Capricorn is stable and sure-footed, while Gemini often lives in the clouds and only occasionally visits earth.  Capricorn feels younger with the spontaneous Gemini, and admires his/her optimism, curiosity and strength.



Gemini and Aquarius: two air sign together! Both are very sociable, love entertaining and social work. Gemini seem to be the chatty side of the couple. Aquarius loves intellectual talk and teaching his/her new discoveries to Gemini. These two are hugely compatible. They go everywhere and do everything together. Once a couple, you rarely see one without the other. 



Gemini and Pisces: an air and water sign together. Do they have anything in common? Yes, a lot. Both are double signs. They are generous, curious, love traveling, reading and are very humanitarian. The Gemini must be willing to take a dip in the ocean every now and again to keep the Fish company. Pisces must get over his fear of flying enough to let go and soar with this lofty air sign. This could keep the peace.

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