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PISCES your best Zodiac matches are: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.


PISCES AND ARIES a water and fire sign together. Although at first glance, you wouldn't think so, Pisces and Aries are surprisingly well suited. If the kind hearted, wishy-washy Pisces doesn't drive the take charge, full-speed ahead Aries over the cliff, it just might work. A large dose of tolerance and understanding could see them through.



Pisces and Taurus a water and earth sign together. Usually they will have a comfortable, stable life together while dreaming of what could have been might have been, if only... It's not too late to interject some sizzle into their relationship. Concentrate on developing your respective inner strength and you just might rediscover each other. If the Pisces is not too big a dreamer... this will be a sweet and happy relationship. Taurus provides grounding and solidarity to the Pisces who is usually swimming around dreamily in the world of illusion. They both are sensual, love to eat, drink and help others.



Pisces and Gemini a water and air sign together. Do they have anything in common? Yes a lot. Both are double signs, they are generous, curious, love traveling, reading and are very humanitarian. The Gemini must be willing to take a dip in the ocean every now and again to keep the Fish company. Pisces must get over his fear of flying enough to let go and soar with this lofty Air sign. This could keep the peace.



Pisces and Cancer two water sign together. This two make wonderful music together. The water/water combination tends to be the most harmonious. They are both sensitive, passionate, romantic, comforting, sympathetic...well need I go on. Two thumbs up for this combo.



Pisces and Leo a water and fire sign together. It is certainly true that the Fish will always be dominated by the Lion. As long as this is accepted by the Fish, all will be well. For the most part Pisces are a humble, good natured sign that has no desire to be king of the jungle. They are much more preoccupied with swimming dreamily up and down the river. Conquering is not in their nature. These two love romance, kissing, snuggling and all things to do with love. If the Lion don't share the same love-dream than the Fish this relationship will not survive.



Pisces and Virgo a water and earth sign together. They are in opposition on the astrological wheel but they attract each other. Now this may sound like a relationship of the "opposites attract" variety at first glance. Pisces love the way Virgo's have everything so organized, tidy and properly filed away. Virgo's will greatly benefit from hanging around the gentle, easy-going fish as they do tend to be uptight. This could be an enchanting and solid relationship.



Pisces and Libra a water and air sign together. These two intrigue and fascinate each other. They also make a great couple, both being romantic, lovable, compassionate and good natured. The Fish, being not the weaker of the two, but the more tolerant of the two. This relationship is a good balance between two signs with a lot of traits in common. Libra, please beware that your sweet Fish is very sensitive emotionally. Do not be too hard on him/her, they will swim away quickly.



Pisces and Scorpio two water sign together. These two may have heard each other calling across time and space. Across dreams. If ever there were a chance for soul fusion, I would pick these two Water signs to live it out. Scorpios and Pisces can be extraordinarily in tune with each other...sometimes to the extent of being telepathic. They both exist on a high frequency channel of emotion, sensitivity and passion. The Scorpio must take heed not to push the gentle Fish too much, just because he can. On the flip side Pisces will have to abandon his love of imaginative exaggeration. Scorpio's hate the feeling that someone is holding out on them or being evasive. Be direct.



Pisces and Sagittarius a water and fire sign together. Both of you are generous and fun-loving to a fault. This will get you through most of the rough spots of life. You will be able to argue, disagree, and then laugh it off. These two zodiac signs are tolerant, easy-going and adaptable. Pisces is a bit more dreamy than the gregarious Sag, but this does not indicate any major obstacles. Sagittarius just adores the sympathetic, kind-hearted Fish.



Pisces and Capricorn a water and earth sign together. This combination makes a charming couple. Capricorn has a lovely calming effect on the hypersensitive Fish, who at feels completely calm and safe in the presence of the steadfast Goat. Likewise, Capricorn in the presence of this water sign often feels like he is completely enveloped as if back in the womb. They are as cuddly and cute as two Teddy Bears. Capricorn must remember not to be too harsh or rigid with your dreamy Fish, for they are easily hurt. Treat a Pisces lovingly and kind and they will always be loyal.



Pisces and Aquarius a water and air sign together. Two dreamy horoscope signs together. Aquarius and Pisces have the unique ability to live in a world of make-believe and manifestation. They simply dream a wild dream and it seems to come true. Some believe they have dreamed each other up as an answer to their hearts desires. The Water and Air can create a dreamy, misty fog. The Aquarian could benefit from Pisces patience since they seem to have so very little of their own. I have one word to describe these two astrological signs, Harmony.



Two water sign together. These two will love and cherish each other dearly. Loyalty and devotion is not the problem for the double Fish combination. The obstacles may lie in getting these two moving. Pisces is often so laid back and cool, some may say wishy-washy, that this relationship may be in danger of petering out prematurely. These two gravitate to each other naturally and are very compatible, almost on a telepathic level. Pisces have a great gift of being sensitive to others feelings, and these two will play off each other beautifully.

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