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LIBRA your best Zodiac matches are: Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.


LIBRA/ARIES: an air and fire sign, together. They are opposite signs but they enjoy each other! Libras inspire and treat the Aries with a calming effect.  Aries may sometimes try to emulate a Libra. There is an undeniable instant chemistry between these two, but the Aries has to learn how to handle the Libra with kid gloves. Libra will not take kindly to being knocked off balance from Aries. These signs attract each other but in the other hand, they may hurt each other very easily. If Aries cannot control his impulsivity, this relationship will not last.



Libra and Taurus: an air and earth sign, together. An almost perfect match! Those in the first part of the sign of Libra should usually steer clear of Taurus, because their impatience can bring much discontent and unhappiness. Taurus and Libra have to fight from becoming two couch potatoes. They are both sensitive, strongly intuitive, affectionate, and demonstrative, and can soar together. Both look for the same things: luxury, good food, passion and love. It seems they have many things in common, and have the perfect balance between strength and harmony. Libras feel secure with Taurus and are cooperative to a fault that suits the stubborn Taurus just fine. If their moons are compatible, this is a very good relationship. 



Libra and Gemini: two air signs, together.  This is one of the best combinations. Gemini can finally be balanced, since Libra is always seeking balance. This is as close to a match made in heaven as a Libra can get. You both love to give, share, love and talk. There is no shortage of affection, cuddling and kisses.



Libra and Cancer: an air and water sign, together. Libra is most happy when married (and can feel incomplete when not), and Cancer loves home and family.  Both are on the same page.  Cancer's home is his castle, no matter how modest or luxurious it is; but Libra needs to spend time outside, too, to enjoy entertainment.  Libra loves luxuries, seeing them as necessities that provide him with joy and energy; this is not a Cancerian priority.  Only if their moons or rising signs are compatible, will this relationship have a chance to last.   



Libra and Leo: an air and fire sign, together. Naturally empathetic to each other (these two although differing in method) usually have the same long-term goals. They share the same visions. They complement each other beautifully. Leo will, purely by his nature, tend to be bossy and domineering. Libra will endure this good-naturedly, to a certain point. If the Lion pushes the relationship too far, Libra will make a quick exit and later on will punish the Lion.



Libra and Virgo: an air and earth sign, together. These signs attract each other. Libras are pleasant, enticing, intelligent, and stimulating. Most signs find them very attractive and agreeable. One possible problem is when Virgo starts getting persnickety with Libra.  Libras hate being nagged, judged or criticized. They may defend themselves for a time, but usually they leave. The fate for these two is definitely not happily ever after. If their moons or rising signs are compatible, this relationship has a chance to last.



Libra and Libra: two air signs, together. Both are kind, peacemakers, and very sociable. A match made in heaven because they both understand each other so well.  Right? Think again. These two do not love to fight, they just love to argue and this could be their undoing. They will instigate rows, and will discuss, discuss, discuss...not all out war, but lots of arm wrestling. The good news is the rounds will be short since neither of you likes fighting. These two will balance each other out, and will feel most comfortable when dealing with each other. Libras dream to be in love or involved. They need a relationship.



Libra and Sagittarius: an air and fire sign, together. Both of you love a party and are often as friendly and compatible as carbon copies.  Sagittarians tends to be more enthusiastic and grandiose in their ideas, dreams and plans than the Libra. On the other hand, the Libra, being the more sensible as well as sensitive of the two, tends to bring strength and stability to the relationship. Sagittarius is a bit gun-shy of being committed, tied down or spoken for. This will be a big issue. Libra will need to give some freedom to his/her Sagittarius. If they can find common ground here, it will work wonderfully well.



Libra and Capricorn: an air and earth sign, together. Libra will sometimes see the Capricorn as a bit of an old-fashioned stuffed shirt. Libra's biggest wish is that the Capricorn will lighten up. Sociable Libra prefers people and lots of them in their lives; they are very social and need a social life. A pairing between these two will work if they divide up responsibilities and do not try to change each other or step on each other's toes. The Capricorn will most likely plod along, securing the future, while Libra will take the time to keep the couples social calendar full, as well as their romantic calendar. Capricorn will have no choice to be romantic with his/her Libra, otherwise...



Libra and Aquarius: two air signs, together.  They are graceful and picture perfect. They both love to talk, although Libra tends more toward a give-and-take dialogue while Aquarius will talk in ideas and concepts, but cannot be pinned down with an opinion. Libra will do best not to dwell on or try to change this Aquarian trait. Both signs love to be surrounded by people and are interested in entertainment. One thing about Aquarius: they are "as is", and trying to change them is as useless as trying to catch a handful of air.  Aquarius loves his freedom and Libra believes in marriage.  The Aquarian will have no choice but to become more relationship-oriented or else Libra will not hang around. 



Libra and Pisces: an air and water sign, together. These two intrigue and fascinate each other. They also make a great couple, both being romantic, lovable, compassionate and good-natured; however, Pisces is the more tolerant of the two. This relationship offers a good balance between the two signs with a lot of traits in common. Libra, please beware that your sweet Fish is very sensitive emotionally. If Libra is too hard on his/her Pisces, the Fish will swim away quickly.

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