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CANCER your best Zodiac matches are: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus


CANCER and ARIES: a water and fire sign together. Water and fire are not compatible. The dynamic Aries tends to steamroll the overly sensitive Cancer. These two should be in the dictionary under "opposites attract", so it's no surprise when they finally exasperate each other. Friendship is the best relationship they may have.



Cancer and Gemini: a water and earth sign together. Combine earth and water and what do you get?  Mud!  But in this case Cancer's intensity and hypersensitivity fares well with the solid steadfast Taurus. It makes them feel safe and secure and gives the relationship continuity. Taurus fares well under the strain of Cancer's mood swings...and both know how to make a house a home.



Cancer and Gemini: a water and air sign together. Gemini and Cancer usually eye each other warily. Gemini senses that a Cancer may be too brooding, gloomy and serious for their light hearted ways. Cancer does not like the fact that a Gemini always seems to be hard to grab on to, and that they seem to always have one foot out the door. If Cancer can let go and Gemini can come in for a landing once in a while, it may work.



Two water signs together. These signs are ruled by emotion. This is a very interesting relationship. Both work for the same dream. Both love good food, entertainment and family reunion. It's a good thing crabs love crabs. Together, they could come out of their shells for someone compassionate and completely in tune with their emotions. They feel safe with each other and tend to latch on quickly.



Cancer and Leo: a water and fire sign together. If you 'rethinking of becoming involved with this combination, I would suggest you run and don't walk to the nearest exit. These two have the power to do some serious damage to each other. The cool lion will have no empathy for Cancer's moods and, Cancer will take great joy in throwing water on the fragile pussy cat's ego, slowly extinguishing your flames. Good luck!



Cancer and Virgo: a water and earth sign together. This a sweet relationship. Virgos have a way of making the emotional Cancer feel safe and secure. They love talking together and expressing their feelings. This is a very strong combination not only for a love relationship but also for business. Cancer is determined to live his/her dream and Virgo can work very well behind the scenes to make Cancer's dream come true.



Cancer and Libra: a water and air sign together. Marriage is for Librans and they are usually happier when married and may even feel incomplete, otherwise. Cancer's home is his castle, no matter how modest or luxurious it is, but Libras need to spend time outside. They enjoy entertainment, love luxuries (as necessities) that provide them with joy and energy. Only if their moon or rising signs are compatible will this relationship have a chance to last.   



Cancer and Scorpio: two water signs together. These two are naturally drawn to each other. Water and water flows easily together. Chances for harmony are high. They are both very intuitive and feel each other's needs, just like the tides. Cancer tends to be moody, and a Scorpion sting can make you hypersensitive Cancer can linger on. Practice kindness. Two thumbs up.



Cancer and Sagittarius: a water and fire sign together. Cancer is a real homebody and loves a secure, sure thing. On the other hand, Sagittarius is spontaneous, fun-loving and outgoing. We have the crab who is awfully sensitive and a tends to be subject to mood swings that would make their relationship unstable. But there is a bright side here. Sagittarius will likely be able to get the Cancer to not take himself/herself so seriously. They share laughter, and have real affection for each other.



Cancer and Capricorn: a water and earth sign together. These two are opposing sun signs on the astrological wheel. They attract each other and it means they have a lot to learn from each other. These two could benefit greatly from a romance together. Cancers and Capricorns have compassion and understanding to spare, and this will help them to achieve lovely harmony.



Cancer and Aquarius: a water and air sign together. Be ready for lots of frustration! The brooding, emotional Cancer will find Aquarius's independent aloofness maddening. Cancers need attention and reassurance and stability, and even then they never quite feel all the way loved. Aquarius is better with groups than with one-on-one intimacy. Aquarius is an air sign and it's very hard for them to get out of the clouds and focus. This is not a good match.



Cancer and Pisces: two water signs together. These two make wonderful music together. The water/water combination tends to be the most harmonious. They are both sensitive, passionate, romantic, comforting, sympathetic...well, need I go on?  Two thumbs up for this combo.

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