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LEO your best Zodiac matches are: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini


LEO/ARIES:  Two fire signs together. They are both noble creatures, but is there room for both of them in the forest? Yes, if they can sense each other's superior qualities. Beware of a major clash of wills, since neither likes to relinquish power.  You could easily end up in an emotional stalemate. Leo will always try to dominate his/her Aries, but sooner or later Aries will do what he/she wants. If their moon or rising signs are compatible, this relationship will work.



Leo and Taurus: a fire and earth sign together; maybe not the most secure of matches, but certainly romantic! Number One Rule is: Beware of the Leo bringing flowers. Leo can turn the world of Taurus upside down with new sensations and daring activities. The Taurus heart does bungee jumps! Taurus and Leo are both very proud and noble creatures in their own right. Their hearts are fiercely loyal to each other. Leo has it' famous pride, and Taurus is notoriously stubborn. It is this combination that can make frying pans fly...neither one likes to back down. A little compromise on both sides will turn the lion into a honey bunch, and make the Taurus stop seeing red, if they can negotiate! Otherwise, this relationship will not survive. 



Leo and Gemini: a fire and air sign together. Both the big Cat and the Twins may have thought it silly until they met. This is an involvement that both will find hard to resist. The Gemini loves to hear the Lion purring happily. There is an instant, mutual magnetism between these two. Both are generous, sympathetic, passionate, expressive and love entertaining. 



Leo and Cancer: a fire and water sign together. Need another hint as to how this one will turn out? If you're thinking of becoming involved in this combination, I would suggest you run. Don't walk to the nearest exit. These two have the power to do some serious damage to each other. The cool Lion will have no empathy for Cancer's moods. Cancer will take great joy in throwing water on the fragile Pussy Cat's ego, slowly extinguishing the flames.



Two fire signs together. We are lions; look at us! You two can be as silly and playful as two kittens, but you can also be vicious and ferocious when provoked. Seldom does this happen, since cats tend to have a noble and loyal nature and will respect their mates. You will often see these two laying curled up in the sun lazily purring with contentment. If their moon and rising signs are compatible this is a great match!



Leo and Virgo: a fire and earth sign together. There are dangers in this combination, but any problems can be overcome. We like to think that the differences these two face can, instead, be made to complement each other. Leo is a bit high-strung and the practical Virgo has a talent for grounding and correcting the Lion. The charming Cat can have a positive effect in getting the over-analytical Virgo to cut loose and have some fun. They both admire each other's intelligence, stability, sincerity and devotion.



Leo and Libra: a fire and air sign together. Naturally empathetic to each other, these two although differing in method usually have the same long-term goals. They share visions. They complement each other beautifully. Leo will, purely by his nature, tend to be bossy and domineering. Libra will endure this good-naturedly, to a certain point. If the Lion pushes the relationship too far, Libra will make a quick exit and later on will punish the Lion.



Leo and Sagittarius: two fire signs together. What a great couple. They share a fun-loving optimism that is contagious. Their house will be filled with laughter, romance, music and passion. Their sympathetic and understanding natures will get you through the tough times and petty squabbles. The loving Sagittarius nature seems to have a calming effect on this "putty tat" who often purrs with love when involved in this winning combination. Two thumbs up.



Leo and Capricorn: a fire and earth sign together. They shine together, often basking in each other's dreams. There is a great mutual respect as the Capricorn and the stubborn Leo realize that each has met it's match. Peace often flourishes due to this stalemate. These two love stability, and therefore if their moon and rising sign are compatible you will often find them living harmoniously in married bliss.



Leo and Aquarius: a fire and air sign together. They are opposite in the astrological wheel and the opposition attracts. The noble Leo is often drawn to the Aquarian's affectionate, gentle nature. You will often find these two curled up; the Big Cat purring contentedly and feeling completely safe and secure with the Aquarian. These two will have to make some adjustments as their signs do lie exactly opposite each other. However, in this case they seem to be complementary opposites.



Leo and Pisces: a fire and water sign together. It is certainly true that the Fish will always be dominated by the Lion. As long as this is accepted by the Fish, all will be well. For the most part Pisces are a humble, good natured sign that has no desire to be king of the jungle. They are much more preoccupied with swimming dreamily up and down the river. Conquering is not in their nature. These two love romance, kissing, snuggling and all things to do with love. If the Lion doesn't share the same love-dream as the Fish, this relationship may not survive.

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