Monthly Horoscope for March 2020


The Full Moon on March 8th occurs in Virgo and the New Moon on March 24th occurs in Aries. Venus travels in Taurus and Mars is in Capricorn. On March 10th Mercury goes direct in Aquarius and enter in Pisces on March 16. Jupiter is in Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto. Uranus is in Taurus and Neptune is in Pisces. 

Mercury retrograde until March 9 in Aquarius.

Generally speaking during a Mercury retrograde, we can expect delays, traffic situations, problems in communications (especially with telephones and cell phones), computer problems, delays in mail, and we never want to sign any contracts or legal documents, especially long term ones. We don't throw logic completely out the window, if something needs to be taken care of and is of an urgent nature, we don't put it off, we just do what we need to do and see what unfolds.

For more personal affects, we see what planets and houses are effected in our Natal charts to define what area of our lives the retrograde will influence and what we can potentially experience during that time.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


GEMINI:  Venus (the ruler of your fifth solar house of love) transits your twelve solar house, while Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and the South Node are in your eight solar house – it means that you might experience sudden outbursts of hidden or repressed feelings and passions, which cause inner turmoil and hesitation.


Some of you – though they have intensely feelings deep down – don’t have the guts to tell the one they’re attracted to how they really feel. As a result, many single Geminis risk ending up alone, although they’re brimming with passion in their heart of hearts.

Your love life attains an air of mystery – and some of you overcome with melancholia, who relive some old loves or who attempt to resume an older love story.

The intensity of your feelings grows as Jupiter (the ruler of your seventh solar house of relationships and marriage) gets closer to Pluto, in your eight solar house of intimacy.

On March 27, Jupiter and Pluto are in an applying conjunction, which will become exact on April 5. So you enter a phase which ends a relational and intimate cycle, and marks the beginning of a new one. Issues like mutual trust, faithfulness, or how responsible you are about intimacy in the couple could become more visible.

Deep changes are required in your love life – it’s a need that becomes more and more obvious as we get closer to April.

Work/Money: Due to Mercury in retrograde motion, do not rushing to make any major decisions that could affect your career.

On March 16, Mercury – having resumed its direct motion – transits back into your tenth solar house of career, so certain professional situations which had gotten complicated or stuck during the previous month now start to clear up or move along. In order to make progress, it’s time to use your intuition and skills as a good negotiator.

A business partner or your better half might give you some good advice. But it wouldn’t hurt to seek counsel from a specialist, particularly when it comes to money, if you want to become part of an association, joint investment and so on.

With 4 planets in your eight solar house of money, joint resources, taxes, debts, funding, and inheritances and particularly the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction suggest that this area of your life is touchy and needs some radical changes, maybe a new beginning even.


Focus your forces on attracting support and deciding what projects are still worth your time. Try to get rid of debts, avoid falling behind on payments, and try to pay as much of your pending balance as you can.



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