Monthly Horoscope for September 2020

The Full Moon on September end occurs in Pisces and the New Moon on September 17th falls in Virgo. On September 6th Mercury enter into Libra and on September 6th Venus enter into Leo. On September 9th Mars retrograde into Aries until November 14th. Jupiter goes direct on September 13th.  Saturn located in Capricorn goes direct on the 29th. Uranus retrograde in Taurus, Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.  

General information: Mars transiting through its own sign of Aries is extremely dynamic and will dominate the second half of 2020, especially during the retrograde phase from September 9 to November 13. Mars retrogrades approximately every two years, but it rarely does so in the sign of Aries. It happened last in 1988 and won't occur again until 2067. This year Mars will be much more powerful than it was in 1988, as it will form repeated squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.

When Mars turns to retrograde motion, the overall atmosphere changes, people have lower physical energy, they get tired and feel stressed more easily and they need more time to relax and recover.

The mood, the desires, the initiative, the ambition, they all seem to function on a lower level and therefore all new projects started during this period seem to lack stamina and focus. The same happens on the sexual level: the libido decreases for a while, but then comes back to normal after the end of this period.

All new Martian actions fail in a much higher proportion (surgical operations, starting a sport, lawsuit, war). Also, it is not recommended to buy mechanical stuff.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

GEMINI:     Between September 5 and 27, you’re in a romantic and playful mood, inspired by the transit of Mercury (your ruler) passing through your fifth solar house of love. Now more than ever you want to be the center of attention when it comes to your better half, but be careful not to become egocentric.

Put your seductive skills at work and put together a romantic dinner for your beloved or for the one whose heart you want to win over! Venus (the ruler of your fifth solar house of love) transits into your third solar house of communication, which means that you become more persuasive and alluring, even if sometimes you tend to express your affection in an exaggerated manner.

Single Geminis can meet someone pretty easily, because they’re able to charm their potential partners with their bubbly personality, sense of humor, and making use of their gift of gab for which Gemini is well-known.

For some of you who won’t settle for one relationship but want to win over more hearts, trouble and complications are on the horizon – particularly during the second week of September.

Work/Money: Professionally speaking, things seem to slow down this month, so give yourself time to think about your plans for the future.

Pluto (the ruler of your sixth solar of work) is still in retrograde motion while Mars (the traditional ruler of your sixth solar house of work) is in retrograde motion between September 10 and November 14.

Mars goes through its retrograde motion in your eleventh solar house, which it’s also the ruler of, being associated with friends, social life, group projects, joint projects, technology, and plans for the future.


As a result, you’re looking at a long term during which benefits can come in slower or they’re not what they seem to be at first glance, or there might be delays, obstacles, and frustrations.

Make the most of this retrograde transit of Mars in order to revise your projects for the future, particularly those related to your professional life; see whether you stand to gain from still being part of a socio-professional or other kind of group.


Progress related to your profession is slower and there’s no point in trying to push things, because there’s nothing good to gain from it.

Geminis who want a (new) job might have issues this month because interviews are postponed or, for dubious reasons, they don’t get the answers they were expecting as soon as they were expecting them.


Longer and more frustrating wait terms than usual are in store.

When it comes to money, you might (still) deal with some limitations. For instance, your better half might overspend or have expectations which exceed your possibilities.

In your eight solar house of joint resources, better-half’s money, loans, taxes, funding, potential inheritances, Jupiter and Saturn (the ruler of this house) resume their direct motion on the 13th and on the 29th of September, respectively.


As a result, matters related to areas of this segment of your chart start to clear up. It’s time to change your material strategy in the long run and prove to be mature and discerning when it comes to joint money, joint investments, and/or debts.