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Monthly Horoscope for June 2023

The Full Moon on June 4th occurs in Sagittarius and the New Moon on June 18th occurs in Gemini. Mercury sails into Taurus and Gemini. On June 6th Venus enters in Leo and will remain until October 9th (due to her retrograde motion). Mars is in Leo until July 10. Jupiter is in Taurus until May 25th 2024. On June 17th Saturn retrogrades in Pisces until November 2023. Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until December. Pluto returns into Capricorn until January 2024 and Uranus is direct in Taurus in.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

GEMINI:  On June 4th the Full Moon occurs in Sagittarius and in your seventh solar house. The 7th house is associated with close one on one relationships, such as romantic or business partners, as well as close friends. 

A Full Moon in the 7th house could manifest as endings or culmination in regards to relationships. While this could represent the break-up of relationships, it may also be the end of one phase of the relationship and the moving on to the next stage of a relationship. It could also be an ending or culmination concerning your partner only, and not involve you.


If you go from feeling reflective and introspective to vital and energized from June 12th - June 21st, then it is because the Sun and Mercury move into your sign together, bringing a double blessing. Whatever ideas you have been nurturing can now burst onto the scene with a surge of enthusiasm that you may not have felt over recent weeks, which may delight you Gemini.


What you get away with, in terms of your image or look, will demonstrate what is appropriate (or legal!) to the rest of the world. Has someone been there before you, to pave the way? You won’t be interested in safe, boring or tried-and-tested options, though. June 18th is the New Moon in Gemini. New you.


From June 16th though July 10, Venus and Mars will be together, and this is great news for you for they will meet in your third solar house of quick, short-distance travel. With Venus and Mars together, you have a good chance of finding, or encouraging, romance and bonding closer with the one you love. At the very least, you will have fun.


Work: Saturn in Pisces, which is currently touring your tenth solar house of career honors, awards, and achievement, will go retrograde from June 17th 2023 until February 2024.

I realize that’s a long time, but all the outer planets retrograde for four to five months at a time. It will be hard to progress to a higher level until Saturn goes direct, and you get a solid new moon in that house—your tenth house. That will happen on March 10th, 2024, and in the weeks that follow. Be patient, dear Gemini. It will be worth waiting for the right employment opportunity. If you are unemployed now, you can find work like the prior work you’ve done on the same level.

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