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VIRGO your best zodiac matches are: Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer


VIRGO/ARIES: an earth and fire sign together. Aries run on pure emotional instinct and charges full speed ahead. Virgos run on brain power and tend to skip emotion and feeling. Pay your admission to the park because this is going to be an emotional roller-coaster. If their moon and rising signs are not compatible, a love match here, would be a stretch.



Virgo and Taurus: two earth signs together. These two have a lot in common and tend to fall easily under each other's spell. Neither becomes angry very easily and the bull and the virgin live in peaceful tranquility. If their moon and rising sign are compatible, Taurus will let Virgo's picky behavior roll off their shoulders, and the Virgo will not mind adoring and spoiling his/her Taurus.



Gemini and Virgo: an earth and air sign together. They have a lot in common. These signs are ruled by the same planet, Mercury. Both share a sharp intellect, sense of humor, and tongue. Not all of these fare well in this relationship. Virgo, also known as the imperfect perfectionist, sometimes finds Gemini too frivolous and childlike. Both need and like to talk. They hash and rehash things through. If their moon and rising signs are compatible, this is a great and stable relationship.



Virgo and Cancer: an earth and water sign together. Virgos have a way of making the emotional Cancer feel warm, secure (the way they felt in the watery womb). This is all the Cancer ever wanted. Virgo can thrive in this relationship. It wouldn't hurt him/her to learn to become more emotional and less of a fuss budget. If their moon and rising signs are compatible, this is a very secure relationship and a love connection.



Virgo and Leo: an earth and fire sign together. There are dangers in this combination; however they can be overcome. We like to think instead that the differences these two face can be made to complement each other. The lion is a bit high-strung and the practical Virgo has a talent for grounding him. Leo can have a positive effect, getting the over-analytical Virgo to cut loose and have some fun. They both admire each other's intelligence, stability, sincerity and devotion. If their moon or rising sign are not compatible, this relationship will be difficult.



Virgo and Virgo: two earth signs together. Picky, Picky, Picky.  Virgins together will tend to measure and monitor everything about the other. On the other hand they will be familiar with the process, as they do it themselves. Do we always like looking into the mirror? Probably not, especially not under harsh lights. These two worry warts could make a life together, but it could be a bit on the solemn side.



Virgo and Libra: an earth and air sign together. These signs attract each other. Libras are pleasant, enticing, intelligent, and stimulating. Most signs find them very attractive and agreeable. One possible problem is when Virgo starts getting persnickety with Libra.  Libra's hate being nagged, judged or criticized. They may defend themselves for a time, but usually they leave. The fate for these two is definitely not happily ever after.



Virgo and Sagittarius: an earth and fire sign together. These two share a love of music, the outdoors, romance and the arts. Sagittarius are a bit too chaotic for the organized Virgo's taste. Their hit-or-miss tactic of firing off arrows at no particular target can drive Virgo crazy. A meticulous Virgo with a flair for precision usually keeps Sagittarius laughing and skipping away. If both learn to respect each other we could see magic.



Virgo and Capricorn: two earth signs together. These two prove to be very agreeable in matters of the heart. There is often a strong bond right from the beginning. Virgo admires Capricorn's strong and stable ways. Capricorn is not as sensitive to Virgo's picking and temporary funks. If their moon or rising signs are compatible, their union is rock-solid.

Virgo, your best zodiac matches are: Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer



Virgo and Aquarius: an earth and air sign together. A first glance these two seem mismatched. Virgo, always has everything organized and neatly planned. Then there is Aquarius who floats around dreamily and rarely deals with details of this world. How can it work? These two often are great friends and stay that way. If their moon and rising sign are compatible this relationship has hope! Otherwise the virgin seems to be too stable and organized for the water-bearer.  



Virgo and Pisces: an earth and water sign together. They are in opposition on the astrological wheel but they attract each other. Now this may sound like a relationship of the "opposites attract" variety at first glance. Pisces loves the way Virgos have everything so organized, tidy and properly filed away. Virgos will greatly benefit from hanging around the gentle, easy-going fish as they do tend to be uptight. This could be an enchanting and solid relationship.

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