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ARIES your best Zodiac matches are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


ARIES/ARIES: Two fire signs together! This is a lot of fire. Both are very creative and love challenges. Extremely compatible, but mutually explosive is a good way to describe these two horoscope signs. They inherently trust each other. An Aries/Aries combination surely will burn brightly. They are passionate, hate the routine, and are always ready to go. When they fight it is difficult, because both need to win; however, conflicts are always quickly resolved, and all is forgiven and forgotten. If moons and rising signs are compatible, this relationship will be magical!



Aries and Taurus: a fire and earth sign, together. This relationship takes a lot of hard work. Both symbolic animals have horns, but whose are stronger? The Taurus has to guard against the green eye of jealousy and a clinging vine nature. It can drive the Aries mate bonkers. However, a mutual warmth and a shared sense of values can give the relationship a head start. Aries are known for their aggressive determination and, Taurus can be unflinchingly stubborn. Aries can usually bat their eyelashes and charm their way out of trouble. The two spring signs may work together if Taurus learns to deal with the impulsive and spontaneous Aries and if Aries learns to deal with the Taurus stubborn streak and overly cautious nature.  They will certainly share many of the same intellectual and cultural interests and will never be bored.



Aries and Gemini: a fire and air sign, together. This is a very good combination. These two horoscope signs love to argue, almost affectionately. They communicate easily and express themselves well to each other. Conflicts are always quickly resolved and all is forgiven and forgotten. They always end up on the same team with no grudges held.  They find each other lovable and endearing. There is a childlike innocence in everything they say or do.



Aries and Cancer: a fire and water sign, together. Wow, what a team! Impulsive Aries tends to steamroll the overly sensitive Cancer. Cancer loves to stay home and Aries loves to be outside. This can be a difficult relationship. Aries and Cancer attract each other but should be in the category, "opposites attract", so it's no surprise when they finally exasperate each other.  This combination could work well if moons and rising signs are compatible. 



Aries and Leo: two fire signs together. Both are noble creatures. They can create together but not necessarily work together!  If they can admire each other's outstanding qualities, they may have a chance. Usually they communicate well, are frank, are outspoken and outgoing, and are not afraid to face each other and tell what they are thinking.  Beware of a major clash of wills, since neither likes to relinquish power.  You could easily end up in an emotional standstill. 



Aries and Virgo: a fire and earth sign, together. Virgo loves his/her passionate and impulsive Aries when it comes to love.  But when living together, Aries is too full of challenges for a Virgo who needs security and stability. Conflicts happen often in this relationship, but if Aries takes the time to explain his/her ideas to Virgo, this is a strong team.  Aries can trust Virgo and vice-versa.  Aries will need to accept the critical, picky nature of Virgo.  Aries may find the little detail-orientation of Virgo too much to handle. 



Aries and Libra: a fire and air sign, together. They are opposite but they enjoy each other! Libras inspire and treat the Aries with a calming effect.  Aries sometimes may try to emulate a Libra. There is an undeniable instant chemistry between these two, but the Aries has to learn how to handle the Libra with kid gloves. Libra will not take kindly to being knocked off balance from Aries



Aries and Scorpio: a fire and water sign, together. What a team! They are both explosive.  Aries will not charge full speed ahead with a Scorpio as is normally the Aries nature. They may try but instinctively, and luckily for them, they know not to push.  Aries will respect and find the best way to deal with a Scorpio. Aries will deal much better with a Scorpio than a Scorpio would with an Aries.  Scorpio doesn't forgive or forget easily.  Scorpio is easily hurt by Aries' spontaneity and candor. Aries must have seen the sign at the edge of the water, regarding a Scorpio: "Deep End, No Diving. Swim At Your Own Risk". 



 Aries and Sagittarius: two fire signs, together. They have a lot in common. They motivate, inspire, and bring out the passion in each other.  They both cheer for the underdog, love outdoor sports, traveling, honesty and a good heated debate.  They have no trouble entertaining themselves alone or with others. They understanding each other, without even speaking.  Both value learning and self-teaching. Their relationships are never boring. Great match!



 Aries and Capricorn: a fire and earth sign, together. They are both mountain dwellers; the Aries ram and the Capricorn goat.  So be prepared to experience the mountains and the valleys. Capricorns are more cautious and practical, while Aries are impulsive. This makes Capricorn nervous and uneasy, while on the flip side, Aries quickly lose their patience. Aries learns a lot from Capricorn and vice-versa. Capricorn brings security and stability to the impulsive Aries. Cappy makes the Aries think twice before jumping in.



Aries and Aquarius: a fire and air sign, together. Great Math. They are fascinated by each other. They share a common belief, and that is that they both live for tomorrow. They rarely get hung up on the past, and this enables them to easily envision a future together. Both are extremely loyal, and any relationship they have, if not long lasting, is bound to be profound.



Aries and Pisces: a fire and water sign, together. Although at first glance, you wouldn't think so, Pisces and Aries are surprisingly well suited. If the kind hearted, wishy-washy Pisces doesn't drive the take charge, full-speed ahead Aries over the cliff, it just might work. A large dose of tolerance and understanding could see them through.

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