Monthly Horoscope for November 2020


The New Moon on November 15th occurs in Scorpio and the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on November 30th falls in Gemini. On November 3rd Mercury goes direct in Libra and enters in Scorpio on November. Venus is in Libra until November 21, and then enter in Scorpio. On November 113th Mars goes direct in Aries. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn. Uranus retrograde in Taurus and on November 29th Neptune goes direct in Pisces.

A new family of eclipses is staring up on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. All Geminis and Sagittarius will be affected by these eclipses. Personal life is the most likely area to suffer, especially your closest relationships. A lunar eclipse highlights our emotions, home life and partners. The effect of a Lunar Eclipse can last up to three months. This Lunar Eclipse’s energy will be outspoken and will dive into debates with ardor (emotionally, professionally or politically) Lunar Eclipses have a habit of bringing secrets to the surface.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

LEO: ​  Lately many Leos have been troubled by the sense of obligation towards their better half or someone else to whom they’ve made promises or with whom they’ve taken on a commitment.

During summer, when Jupiter (the ruler of your fifth solar house of love) met Pluto – both in retrograde motion – you must have had discussions with your better half about some topics related to the joy of being part of a couple.


This month Jupiter and Pluto meet for the last time in Capricorn, and the energy of the conjunction helps you make a major decision that you’ve probably been thinking about ever since March or the beginning of April.

Leos who have been juggling a love affair and an official relationship might be forced by circumstances to make a decision, maybe not a comfortable one, or they might conclude that their better half is making a decision for the both of them.


It’s time to make a definitive choice: you either let go of the idea of getting back together with a former lover and fully dedicate yourself to your current relationship, or let go of the current partnership and try to win back the heart of your lost love.

Whether you’re involved or are still looking for a life partner, be very cautious about a predisposition towards always making the same mistake, going round and round in vicious circles from an emotional point of view.

On November 21, the Sun (your ruler) begins its transit through your fifth solar house of love, which lightens up the emotional mood. Single Leos now have more opportunities to successfully exercise their conquering skills.

Work/Money: On November 12, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is perfected in your sixth solar house of work so you get the chance to launch or relaunch a project you started or thought of in the beginning of April but that didn’t take off as planned.


Many Leos are now given a chance to make major professional changes, at work or when it comes to their view on work including the decision whether it’s in their best interest for the long term to be employees or build their own business.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction foretells better odds at finding a job or signing a contract that you’ve been negotiating since spring.

Until November 21, Venus (the ruler of your tenth solar house of career, transits your third solar house (of communication, thinking, transactions, and exchanges of all kinds) and makes tense aspects with the planets from your 6th house (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn). As a result, you can expect negotiations to be slow and difficult, whether you’re looking to get hired or to hire someone.

Mercury (the ruler of your second solar house of money) resumes its direct motion on November 4. The harmonious planetary aspects made by Mercury with the planets from your house of work after the 25th foretell substantial earnings from work and the possibility of getting some extra income from a secondary pursuit.

Another important astrological event is the lunar eclipse of November 30, which happens in your eleventh solar house and suggests that the collaboration with a group or the participation in a joint project might end.


Or you start to realize that you need to let go of some projects that aren’t resulting in the benefits you wanted, neither in income nor in perspectives of building a solid socio-professional reputation.