Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

On July 10th the New Moon place in Cancer and on July 24th the Full Moon occurs in Aquarius. Mercury is in Gemini until June 11th and enter in Cancer on July 12. Venus travel in Leo until July 22nd and enter in Virgo on the 23rd. Mars is in Leo until July 29. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces until July 27th and re-enter in Aquarius on July 28. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius until October 10. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune retrograde in Pisces as well as Pluto in Capricorn.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


LIBRA: ​  Venus (your ruler) and the planet of love and romance, is in Leo through July 22nd and in your eleventh solar house of friends. This is a good month for group activities or activities with friends. You feel friendly toward almost everyone, and they will be friendly in return. You will enjoy each other's company immensely and be much more loving and affectionate with each other.

Someone who's been hanging in the friend zone could reveal romantic promise, or you could develop a crush on a formerly platonic pal.


Looking for love? Digital dating could turn up some surprisingly good options. Let your social network play matchmaker!

Any situation in which you deal with many people in a group setting, for example a business conference or organizational meeting, is favored this month.

On the top of that, Mars in Leo and your eleventh solar house of teamwork until July 29, bring fresh energy to your crew. It's not often your sign is THIS keen to collaborate with others, so enjoy it! Just make sure your cohorts can keep up with your ambitious pace.


Since the eleventh house rules technology, you could be inspired to increase your social media following, or turn to crowdfunding to bankroll your latest innovation.

Work/Money: On July 10th, this New Moon occurs in your tenth solar house of career. A month of public appearances, spotlight attention and new developments when it comes to your career, mission or profession.


The key question is, are you doing what you love? The answer will define the rest of the year! Since New Moons can take up to six months to unfold, aim for a slower but steady ascent. Make changes where necessary. Evaluate priorities, make positive changes to eliminate wasted energy.

This New Moon joins Mercury in your tenth solar house. This is perfect month to make plans concerning your professional life.


Think about what you have been doing along these lines and whether or not it is working out as you want it to. This is also a favorable time to talk to superiors, bosses or employers about your work and how you may advance in your job.


You may also become involved with the part of your business that involves communicating with the outside world, either through advertising or through contract negotiations.

Your vitality has been in the hands of expansive Jupiter since last May 14, which has hopefully brought you stellar health and more focused energy than you've had in years. Work has been busy, and you're in high demand. But be careful, Libra: When you say yes to too many things, you risk burning yourself out.


Until July 28, Jupiter retrograde, helping you review your commitments and cut back a bit on your schedule. The name of the game: Do less, but do the things you love. Stress is the enemy now, so leave some white space in your calendar to chill and refresh.