Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

On October 1st the Full Moon occurs in Aries, on October 16th the new Moon falls in Libra and on October 31st (another) full Moon occurs in Taurus. On October 14th Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, re-enter in Libra on October 29th and goes direct on November 3rd.  Venus travels into Virgo. Mars retrograde in Aries until November 13. Jupiter is direct in Capricorn as well as Saturn and Pluto. Uranus retrograde in Taurus and Neptune retrograde in Pisces.

We’ve probably all heard that when the planet "Mercury retrogrades" it brings a variety of mayhem in our lives. But what exactly does that mean? 

Mercury symbolizes:  communication, contracts, negotiations, robbery, transportation, burnout and stress. When Mercury retrogrades, it affects us in these areas. During that time you may expect delays concerning a contract or negotiations, lost mail, luggage, or important documents. You may also miss some important phone calls. Often mechanical problems with cars, phones, computers, etc. happen. You could experience misunderstandings with others and also lots of stress. Most stress comes from our close surroundings. It looks like everything is going wrong and everyone is in a bad mood.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


LIBRA: ​  The astrological configuration of this month suggests that there’s plenty to clear up in your love life, particularly when it comes to those who have been married or involved in a love connection for a long time.


Mars – in retrograde motion through your seventh solar house of relationships – makes tense aspects with the planets from your forth solar again, aspects which have happened last August. As a result, you can expect a complicated or unpleasant matter to retake center stage in your family.

Your better half might go through a rougher time of discouragement, having difficulties with family members, and the frustrations could have a big impact on your life as a couple.


It’s also possible you’ll run into arguments related to living spaces or the way your home is decorated, or you can’t reach an accord about a potential move, the kind of rent you can afford and so on.


Your better half probably needs more time to think or wants to change the strategy you’ve agreed upon in August, after discussions and arguments.

Looking at things from another point of view, this month gives you an excellent opportunity to analyze things together and, if the case may be, to revise the basis on which you’re building your relationship.


Give each other more freedom of thought and movement and try to take a short time apart from each other, even if you’re living under the same roof so that each of you can sort out their thoughts.

Single Libras are more inclined to return towards their past loves rather than look ahead, and some Libras even tend to seek or accept the company of an ex-lover. But situations and relationships of this nature aren’t stable and they’re based more on physical attraction than deep feelings, which doesn’t really go well with what Libras usually want.

Work/Money:  Professional partnerships, associations or collaborations can get tense because of situations that have popped up or have gotten worse last August. In order to reach a balance between your needs and the needs of others, between your interests and the interests of your partners, you need to negotiate carefully, patiently, and in a diplomatic way.

On the other hand, you should think about the possibility of annulling some contracts or understandings which aren’t beneficial to you anymore. It’s not the time to make major decisions, but only to analyze, weigh and maybe begin to negotiate conditions under which you can exit some combos that aren’t advantageous at this point.


It’s important to avoid selfish approaches and make use of your innate ability to find balance instead. Steer clear of making decisions for others and don’t push your partners, associates, higher-ups or coworkers.

You need to be cautious when it comes to managing your money, particularly when it comes to older situations that are still unresolved.


Mercury is in retrograde motion through your second solar house of money, as of October 13, and the opposition that it makes with Uranus – situated in your eight solar house – suggests that you might have to pay up an older debt.


On the other hand, you have great odds at success if you have to recover some money invested in a trip or in a vacation that got canceled because of the pandemic.


Either way, you should keep in mind the fact that during the second week of October you seem to stand on quicksand when it comes to your money.