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Monthly Horoscope for June 2023.

The Full Moon on June 4th occurs in Sagittarius and the New Moon on June 18th occurs in Gemini. Mercury sails into Taurus and Gemini. On June 6th Venus enters in Leo and will remain until October 9th (due to her retrograde motion). Mars is in Leo until July 10. Jupiter is in Taurus until May 25th 2024. On June 17th Saturn retrogrades in Pisces until November 2023. Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until December. Pluto returns into Capricorn until January 2024 and Uranus is direct in Taurus in.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

LIBRA:  From June 15 until July 10, Venus and Mars are the two cosmic lovers who long to be together but struggle to make their schedules mesh. Typically, Venus and Mars only meet once a year, and from June 15th though July 10, they meet—in Leo, adding so much to your eleventh solar house of friends, fun, leisure activity, and special events. When Mars and Venus are conjunct, they set off sparks of new love, so if you are single, you may meet your one truelove during this cycle.


Work/Money: You will do extremely well in the money, property and lifestyle game from May 2023 until May 2024, with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus in your Eighth Solar House – so plan a long game.

This cycle can bring millions or save you thousands; it depends on your natal chart. In both cases, though, the purpose of this cycle is the same.

Rich or poor, the time to dig deeper and find out what and who you value most – and what is really priceless – is now. I am sure it is no surprise to you, to hear that you are in the most radical, revolutionary, demanding cycle of your life.

The property, money, business or charity has been quite the saga since May 2019. Other people’s values will dictate your life now. Their idea of what (or who) is most bankable will sweep you along or find you challenging the numbers.


On June 17th thru November 4th, taskmaster Saturn turns retrograde, backing up through Pisces and your house of health and fitness. Mix up your workouts with streaming classes and outdoor treks. Clean up your diet and eat more plant-based meals.

Saturn's backward journey may force you to create savvier systems at work. In addition to pleasing the powers that be, hold any support staff accountable so you don't get shafted with their duties. Stay strong, Libra, and channel your frustrations into those workouts!


You now need to work extremely hard at becoming a pro performer with workload, unpaid work or academic challenges, or the other side – in terms of what you want to achieve – is about your well-being. This emphasis on self-discipline and slogging away, always owes a lot to Saturn. Yet it works well.

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