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Monthly Horoscope for June

The New Moon on June 6th occurs in Gemini and the Full Moon on June 22nd falls in Capricorn. Mercury sails into Gemini until June 17 and then it will be in Cancer until July 2nd. Venus is in Gemini until June 17th and from June 18th through July 11th Venus is in Cancer. From June 10th through July 20th. Mars is in Taurus. Jupiter is in Gemini and will remain June 9th 2025. On June 29th Saturn retrogrades in Pisces until November 14. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until December 7th and Pluto returns into Capricorn until November 18.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


Pisces:  Welcome Jupiter in Gemini in the Fourth Solar House of your chart this June, which rules the family, your household, apartment, house, town and country.                                                          

A parent-child relationship in your family circle now will dominate the atmosphere of your month with its grand solutions and opportunities.                                                                                 

It doesn’t matter who’s playing the parent, or who’s playing the child but what is important, is the terrific, sweeping, win-win answers this experience brings – until June 9th, 2025.                      

When it comes to the house, the flat, or your flat-mates (or live-in partners) the sense of hope and potential is the same. It’s also a good time to choose a new flat-mate – you can live with happily, long-term.                                                                                                                                       

It's also a great time for real-estate, such as buying or selling or renovating.                            

Where the family is concerned, you will now be in a position to pull things together and settle the home front.

On top of that, this New Moon in Gemini on June 6, lands in your domestic fourth solar house, turning your thoughts to those you love best. This auspicious once-a-year event sets off a new wave of bonding and reconnecting with friends and family.                                                                            

Reach out to beloveds near and far and extend invitations to visit. Could your nest stand a little feathering?

Evaluate, appreciate and make repairs where necessary. This sets the stage for fabulous results. Redecorate, renovate—or relocate! This new moon will light a fire under you to make a cozy sanctuary!

June 18th thru July 11th, Venus sails into Cancer. This is a time for fun, entertainment, having a good time. Where Venus goes, good things follow.                                                                           

During this cycle, the passion planet will also spice up your love life. Drama could flare with dates if you're single, but at least it will keep things interesting (or make for some entertaining brunch tales).

Your powers of attraction skyrocket during this cycle.

During these weeks, you instinctively know how to place yourself in the best light in order to make a good impression on others.     

Any love affair begun now will be characterized by good cheer, having fun, and a fair share of emotional drama! 

From June 10th thru July 20, Mars sails in Taurus and your third solar house.                                 

This Mars cycle will teach you how to make the relationship work with your sibling’s work.          

It will also force you to come up with more effective ways to use the written and spoken word.

Finally, this cycle will show you how to manage travel and transportation issues – from the flights you take, to the cars you buy and pay more attention while you're driving.

On June 29th thru November 15, Saturn retrogrades in your sign, and its directive is clear: streamline and balance your life. Are you able to handle your current workload and still take care of yourself? Embrace Saturn's practical magic to successfully achieve your goals.                

Get your priorities in line and map out a smarter schedule. Cut out unnecessary appointments and use that time for activities that feed your soul.                                                                             

Since Saturn rules experts, book sessions with coaches, trainers and consultants who can help you chart a personal pathway to success.

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