Monthly Horoscope for November 2020


The New Moon on November 15th occurs in Scorpio and the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on November 30th falls in Gemini. On November 3rd Mercury goes direct in Libra and enters in Scorpio on November. Venus is in Libra until November 21, and then enter in Scorpio. On November 113th Mars goes direct in Aries. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn. Uranus retrograde in Taurus and on November 29th Neptune goes direct in Pisces.

A new family of eclipses is staring up on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. All Geminis and Sagittarius will be affected by these eclipses. Personal life is the most likely area to suffer, especially your closest relationships. A lunar eclipse highlights our emotions, home life and partners. The effect of a Lunar Eclipse can last up to three months. This Lunar Eclipse’s energy will be outspoken and will dive into debates with ardor (emotionally, professionally or politically) Lunar Eclipses have a habit of bringing secrets to the surface.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

SAGITTARIUS:   Mercury (the ruler of your seventh solar house of relationships) and Mars (the ruler of your fifth solar house of love) resume their direct motion on November 4, and November 13, respectively.


As a result, you get the chance to better understand what exactly you expect from a love connection and, if you’re part of a steady connection, you can now settle some things about your life as a couple.

During the second and third week of the month, it’s very likely to feel two opposing influences. That’s because on November 10 Mercury transits into your twelve solar house, while Mars transits your 5th house of love.  


On the one hand, passion pushes you and you tend to start intense love affairs; on the other hand, you need to be more withdrawn and meditate more seriously on the meanings and implications of long term relationships. There’s where two contrasting tendencies show up: you throw yourself quickly into the fray of love, and just as quickly retreat within the shadows when things get too emotional.

Until November 21, Venus (the ruler of your eight solar house of intimacy) transits your eleventh solar house of friends, so it’s not hard to meet new and interesting people or conclude that an apparently friendly and platonic relationship is in fact much more deeper and has another vibe.

As of November 21, there’s a predisposition towards secret relationships or extramarital affairs or affairs with people who have other obligations.


But some Sagittarius only want to retreat from the crazy world together with their better half in order to enjoy intimacy or rebuild soul to soul bridges of communication.

Another significant astrological event of this term is the lunar eclipse of November 30, that happens in your seventh solar house of relationships, and it suggests that there might be a crisis or a situation that tries the solidity of your connection as a couple.


Some Sagittarius might end a troubled phase of their love life in order to begin heading into a new direction and towards something deeper and healthier.

Work/Money: Jupiter and Pluto meet again (for the third time this year) in Capricorn, and the energy of their conjunction might have a beneficial impact on your material situation.


Since Jupiter is your ruler and Pluto is the ruler of your twelve solar house of issues, crises, but also healing and spirituality, the conjunctions made throughout the year suggest that many Sagittarius have gone through hesitations, uncertainties, fears, and self-limitation; they now enter a new phase of their life during which they can truly stand out so that they gain consistent income.


The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of November 12, gives you the chance to bring to light inner resources they’ve recently discovered and prove to have the inner strength in situations in which others crumple under the pressure. Professionally and in business, Sagittarius’ people now have real chances at standing out, shining, and being rewarded for their skills and expertise.

On the other hand, you might go back to an older source of income or get involved in research pursuits or in some less visible activity in order to improve your income. It’s also a good term for getting involved in helping those in need.

Under the astrological circumstances of this month, you can expect your money-related intuition to be sharper than ever or you may realize that some spiritual beliefs influence your ability to put bread on the table.

Mercury (the ruler of your tenth solar house of career) – resumes its direct motion on November 4, and on November 10 it transits into your twelve house.


After that date, clear of or postponing any intense professional actions and dealing instead with adding things up and planning.

Venus (the ruler of your sixth solar of work) transits your eleventh solar house of social groups until November 21, which means that your group projects, team work and carefully exploring opportunities for the future are all encouraged.