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Monthly Horoscope for October 2023.


This month we have two Eclipses the first one on October 14th, the New Moon (solar eclipse) occurs in Libra and on October 28th the Full Moon (lunar eclipse) is in Taurus, this one is the last eclipse in Taurus who started on November 2021. For the last two years, the focus was on charity, the economy, cryptocurrency, the share markets, trade sanctions, inflation and other financial issues, they are almost over now!

There will be a new beginning on October 14th and until April 2025, but on October 28th it will also be a cover-up. It's always recommended to avoid for big financial decisions. Expect global cover-ups near that date, probably involving Wall Street, etc.

Eclipses help correct the course of your life. Personally, a phase of your life ends and a new one begins. Whatever part of your life is not in sync with your true life’s purpose will show the most change and this can be seen by where this eclipse falls in your personal chart. Keep in mind that this is all good and part of your plan for growth as you are forced to finally drum up the courage make necessary life corrections!!

On October 5th – October 22nd Mercury sails into Libra. On October 10th – November 8th Venus is into Virgo. On October 13th Mars enters into Scorpio and will remain until November 24. Jupiter retrogrades into Taurus until December 31st. Saturn retrogrades into Pisces until November 4th. Uranus retrogrades in Taurus until January 26th 2024. Neptune retrogrades into Pisces until December 4th 2023 and Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on October 10.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


SAGITTARIUS:  With the Sun and Mercury until October 22nd, Mars until October 12th and the New Moon in Libra (solar eclipse) on October 14th in Libra.

This is usually best time to work and cooperate with other people. Engaging in group efforts and projects in your personal and professional life will be the most effective way to accomplish this aim.

Socialize extensively and study the people you associate with, for they are a reflection of yourself. What is true of your friends is also true of you, for the most part.

Among your friends, strive to establish who you are. Especially if the activity you’re in is based on partnerships and collaborations, or classes or educative or publishing-related pursuits.


On October 10th through November 8th Venus sails in to Virgo and your 10th solar house of long-term goals and spotlighting commitments.

This cycle creates favorable circumstances in your business and professional life, attracting persons and circumstances that facilitate your work.

People in authority are favorably inclined toward you, and most relationships in your professional life will run smoothly.

It is apparent to everyone that you are primarily interested in working harmoniously with others, and they respond by being agreeable. All such activities should go smoothly during this time.


With the South Node (solar eclipse) in the 11th solar house, you’ll make some important new friends from October 14th 2023 through April 2025, who cast glance back at 2005-2006 and its karma, for you – or perhaps it’s you casting a glance back on these years, on them. There will be nothing particularly baggage-free about the friendships now.

Nevertheless, your friendships and/or groups will bring closure, settlement and progress by April 2025, including all those who are around the situation. Of course, it’s a soul flashback (anyone can see that!) The spiritual account must be settled.


The Full Moon (lunar eclipse) on October 28th occurs in Taurus and your 6th solar of work.

You will get a new job more easily in this new cycle, retire, resign, or reshape your working life more successfully.

If you want to work in new industries or areas (full time or part time) then start looking from January, when at last the North Node in your work, unpaid work and academia zone moves out.

From January 2024, opportunities will knock. At the point that you realize life really will deliver until May 2024. Dream bigger.


On October 13th though November 24th, Mars sails into Scorpio and your 12th solar house of ending, the best way to use this energy is to take a long, honest look at your life, and own up to those outdated things—or people—you're clinging to.

Warrior Mars gives you the moxie to make a change, even if it's an addiction you've tried to beat before or a painful emotional issue you never fully resolved.

Make time to meditate, journal or work with divination tools to connect even more deeply. healing.

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