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Monthly Horoscope for February 2023

The Full Moon on February 6th occurs in Leo and the New Moon on February 20th falls in Pisces. Mercury travels into Capricorn and Aquarius. Venus is in Pisces until February 20th and then on February 21st Venus with meet Jupiter in Aries. Saturn is in Aquarius, Uranus is direct in Taurus, Neptune is direct in Pisces and Pluto is direct in Capricorn.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here


TAURUS:  With Uranus in Taurus and the South node in Scorpio and in your relationships sector, you want certain things from your partner or duel now. Unless you’re both flexible, sensitive and clever enough to work as a team, though, otherwise ti will be with someone else.
If you are single, and open to a new relationship, you will team up with someone who shows you karma from 18 or 19 years ago, who can teach you about the soul, or give you a much larger angle on the spirit – never mind love. You’ll realize what a tiny world you inhabited before! The timing on this is current, until July 2023.

With Venus (your ruler), the planet of love and romance into Pisces through February 20th and in your eleventh solar house of friends, social activity this month may lead to an exciting romantic interlude. You have the stamina and the know how to achieve all that you set your heart on. New relationships will develop if you plan to be around groups of friends.


Jupiter is Aries and your 12th solar house of our subconscious mind until May 10, this is a very healing period. You can use this time to integrate all of the experiences good or bad that you’ve had in the past. 

This is a great time to start a meditation practice to let go of any unwanted gunk that has built up in your psyche. Restorative Yoga or Tai Chi would also be good choices to help cleanse the energetic body. Jupiter can bless you with the positive energy to work on your relationship to self-love and help you create new healthy practices. There can also be a focus on any health issues that have been buried or ignored that need addressing.

Work: This month your mind is focused more on success and this success depends on the extra effort you make in this direction. You should start to feel good, psychologically and physically. There could be a stronger idealistic tendency about you, but try not to let this get out of hand.

You will interact well with others. You can get the attention of important individuals. Any situation in which you deal with many people in a group setting, for example a business conference or organizational meeting, is favored now.

Money: From last September 2022, it seems you have been spending a lot of money lately, and these heavy expenses may continue until the end of March 2023. Spending more than usual is common when you are going through important life changes, so that might explain your financial situation. If you are not going through a life shift, then you may want to delay spending on upcoming big-ticket items.

Income from collaborations with friends, group projects, online businesses or well-promoted-online businesses will be present this month.

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