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(March 20th - April 18th)
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Type: Cardinal
Planetary symbol: The Ram

Description: The first sign of the Zodiac year, have an ambitious desire to come first in everything they do, and will stop at very little to have their goals fulfilled. Although their impulsiveness can lead them to trouble, their spontaneous trait can be very refreshing and fun.In personal relationships, Arians are direct and to the point, making them generous and enthusiastic friends. Arians, being very open to new ideas, can often make great leaders​.




  Good Traits

- Confident

- Pioneering
- Enthusiastic
- Adventurousat leaders

  Bad Traits
- Selfish
- Impatient
- Daredevil
- Quick-tempered

- Action
- Winning
- Challenge


- Waiting
- Tyranny
- Admitting failure
- Advice from others

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