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(June 21st - July 21st)

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Element: Water

Type: Cardinal

Planetary symbol: The Crab​

Description: Being caring and nurturing individuals, Cancerians have the natural ability to make others feel loved and cared for. There is a depth and sensitivity to the Cancerian nature, which is hardly matched by the other eleven Zodiac signs.
In relationships, Cancerians have a need to love and be loved, however Cancerians should avoid the temptation to make others feel overly dependant on their help. Unfortunately because of the sensitive nature of Cancerians, they react very strongly to criticism or personal statements.

​Good Traits
- Loving
- Intuitive
- Creative
- Sympathetic

Bad Traits
- Clingy
- Moody
- Overemotional
- Need to be loved

- Advice
- Failure
- Opposition
- Aggravatingsituations

- Parties
- Children
- Hobbies
- Romance​

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