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(May 20th - June 20th)

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Type: Mutable

Planetary symbol: The Twins

Description: Due to a short attention span, Gemini’s have a tendency to get involved with too many things at any one time, leading to very few tasks actually being completed. Even feelings of the Gemini are very changeable, so settling down may not be the ideal situation. However, they still have many friends and regarded as somewhat of a social butterfly.


Good Traits
- Youthful
- Adaptable
- Intellectual
- Communicative


Bad Traits
- Tense
- Cunning
- Inquisitive
- Superficial


- Talking
- Reading
- The unusual

- Variety in life​

- Learning
- Being alone
- Being in a rut
- Being tied down

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