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(July 22nd - August 21st)

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

Type: Fixed

Planetary symbol: The Lion

Description: Exhibiting such warmth and loyalty, many people are attracted to those born under the sign of Leo. This attraction is an important part for Leos, who find it only natural being the center of attention. Leos have a genuine desire to help others perform to their greatest potential, a desire that is often mistaken for a well-developed ego. Unfortunately pride is a strong element of Leo’s nature, with the emphasis on always being seen to be right. Many Leos will excel in sports, outdoor activities and acting to satisfy their high energy levels and natural showmanship.

Good Traits
- Loving
- Faithful
- Enthusiastic
- Warmhearted


Bad Traits
- Bossy
- Pompous
- Interfering
- Patronizing


- Drama
- Children
- Ventures
- Living lavishly​


- Normal days
- Mean spiritedness
- Doing things safely
- Small minded people

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