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- Sharing
- Motivation
- Gentleness
- The finer things in life​




(September 22nd - October 22nd)

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Type: Cardinal

Planetary symbol: The Scales

Description: Librans are driven by relationships and friendships, however it is extremely important to the Libran for the relationships to flow smoothly. Failing this, the Libran may feel his/her life is not in order. Librans have a strong concern for the principles of fairness and justice and will often do whatever it takes for people to interact well with one another. Music and the arts attract Librans and can often be an avenue for their own creative talents.​


​Good Traits
- Sociable
- Romantic
- Charming
- Diplomatic


Bad Traits
- Gullible
- Flirtatious
- Self-indulgent
- Easily influenced​


- Injustice
- Violence
- Bad fashion
- Brutish people

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