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- Truth
- Causes
- Being involved
- Meaningful work

- Flattery
- Demeaning jobs
- Shallow relationships
- Being taken advantage of


(October 23rd - November 21st)
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Type: Fixed
Planetary symbol: The Scorpion

Description: Scorpios are the most intense and powerful sign of the Zodiac. The intensity and passion is exerted in a very focused and determined manner. Scorpios always get what they want regardless of how long they must wait (even revenge). Although masked with a face of strong self control, underneath Scorpios feel much anxiety in the face of anything unknown, usually caused by the fact that the unknown is uncontrollable to them. Once in control, Scorpios feel at home, especially when using their hidden talent to attract andinfluence. Scorpios possess an extremely loyal streak and may exert themselves to extremes to prove their worth and love to family and friends.

Good Traits
- Intuitive
- Exciting
- Emotional
- Determined

Bad Traits
- Jealous
- Secretive
- Obsessive
- Compulsive

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