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​​Good Traits
- Placid
- Reliable
- Patient
- Persistent

Bad Traits
- Greedy
- Jealous
- Resentful
- Possessive


​- Stability​

- Comfort
- Pleasure
- Natural things


- Disruption
- Being rushed
- Being indoors
- Man made thin



(April 19th - May 19th)

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Type: Fixed

Planetary symbol:  The Bull



Description: People born under the sign of Taurus need a safe, stable and generally unchanging environment to function happily and peacefully. Taureans are fixed in their ways and most close to people of this sign will certainly encounter a rather prominent stubborn streak. However the fixity of Taureans will lead to very secure relationships and the loyal following of leaders that they trust. Taureans have a natural talent for relaxation, however this should not give in to complacency and therefore wasting the natural potential that they hold.


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