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Good Traits
- Shy
- Modest
- Reliable
- Practical


Bad Traits
- Fussy
- Worrier
- Perfectionist
- Conservative




(August 22nd - September 21st)

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: EarthT

ype: Mutable

Planetary symbol: The Virgin

Description: The restrained, shy and somewhat serious exterior of the Virgo hides a soft and cheerful inner self. Although often is understood at face value, once people pass this, they will bepleasantly rewarded. Work is a very important aspect to the Virgo’s life. There is a drive to workhard and a strong motivation to be helpful to others. However, often perfectionists, Virgos can waste valuable time and resources by fastidiously focusing on irrelevant aspects of work, and even friendship. A waning to Virgo’s, avoid the temptation to nit-pick each and every person that comes your way,otherwise you may have the opposite affect of what you originally desired.

- Squalor
- Uncertainty
- Health hazards
- Bad workmanship

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