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Monthly Horoscope for June

The New Moon on June 6th occurs in Gemini and the Full Moon on June 22nd falls in Capricorn. Mercury sails into Gemini until June 17 and then it will be in Cancer until July 2nd. Venus is in Gemini until June 17th and from June 18th through July 11th Venus is in Cancer. From June 10th through July 20th. Mars is in Taurus. Jupiter is in Gemini and will remain June 9th 2025. On June 29th Saturn retrogrades in Pisces until November 14. Uranus is direct in Taurus. Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until December 7th and Pluto returns into Capricorn until November 18.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

Virgo: As Jupiter passes through your Tenth Solar House, from June 2024 thru June 9th 2025, you may find yourself tending to the boss – or you can successfully ‘nanny’ yourself and your current career issues! This also applies to academia or unpaid work.                                                     

It should all work out very nicely. It can be an instructive time if everyone gets it right, and opportunities and solutions for success, which emerge then – will educate you and open your eyes. Aim very high as the top job could be yours, so this is worth planning for.

Jupiter is here to help you be in charge of your life.


This New Moon in Gemini on June 6th is also in your tenth solar house of career and accelerates your ascent up the ladder. Even if your lofty goals aren't doable in their current form, don't abandon them. Create a solid foundation that you can easily build on later.                                       

If your work doesn't bring you joy, reach out to your social network for leads. But if your skills could use some beefing up, avail yourself to an accomplished person in your field. It's a great month to develop new business plans and goals.

You also have Mercury/Venus in Gemini until June 17th. This creates favorable circumstances in your business and professional life, attracting persons and circumstances that facilitate your work.

People in authority are favorably inclined toward you, and most relationships in your professional life will run smoothly.

It is apparent to everyone that you are primarily interested in working harmoniously with others, and they respond by being agreeable. All such activities should go smoothly during this time.

On June 10th thru July 20, Mars sails into Taurus, this is a time when you do more creative intellectual work than usual. You will assert and defend the beliefs and ideas that you consider true and important wherever necessary.                                                                                      

Obviously, this is valuable if you have to influence other people and make an impression on them, but it can also be a danger if you try to beat people over the head with your opinions and ideas. What you can do now is put all of your energy into expanding your mind.                           

Look for experiences that will open up new dimensions of reality.

This Full Moon in Capricorn on June 22nd occurs in your 5th solar house can show you what you're missing in your life. This is a funhouse; it's a creation and heart-centered house, so a Full Moon here is shining a light on what you truly desire.                                                                          

It's a time of emotional intensities, so anything you have been keeping buried pops on up during this time. It can be a time where people end up having a breakup or waking up with a stranger. It brings up feelings of what matters to help you remove the other stuff.                                           

If you have been dating for a while, this Full Moon can solidify the connection in an intense way.

A time to reap the rewards of a creative project that you may have been working on prior.           

It can be a time where your child/bf-gf (non-serious) feelings come out, if your child's been keeping something from you then this is a time where you become aware of it.                       

Usually, it's time that calls you to have a little more fun.
















































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