Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

The New Moon on April 12th occurs in Aries and the New Moon on April 27th falls in Scorpio. On April 4th Mercury travels into Aries and enter in Taurus on April 19. On Venus is in Aries until the 14th and enter in Taurus on April 14th. Mars is in Gemini until April 23rd and enter in Cancer on April 24. Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius. Uranus is in Taurus, Neptune is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn.

We want to clarify our daily and monthly horoscopes are general for all zodiac signs and do not take into account of your personal natal chart.  For a personal reading click here

VIRGO:  Love is definitely in the air as passionate Venus sails in Aries and your eighth solar house of supercharged attractions. Until April 15, your inner seductress takes charge. If your libido is low, get your body moving to rev up your mojo. A few slow and sensual hip circles will get that kundalini rising again.


Between April 4 and 19, Mercury (your ruler) is in rapid transit through your eight solar house of intimacy. As a result, during this time, a more or less secret passion might burst to life, or you may be interested in matters related to intimacy, mutual trust, and generosity.

If you’re just starting a relationship, you can easily be misled through the erotic charms of your partner who might use you, if you’re not careful.


Married Virgos are favored, or those who are involved in older and steady relationships. During the last two week of April, Virgos who are part of older couples feel very close to their partner and together they come up with new long-term plans.


Coupled Virgos should take advantage of this Venus transit and maximize your boudoir time. That might mean trimming a few extracurricular from your schedule so you can relax into a romantic head-space.

Work/Money: With Mars in your 10th solar house until April 23rd, more than any other, this energy arouses your ambition to achieve. If you can identify with a project, you will work extremely hard at it until it is done.

You’re better prepared to defend your interests, your cause, to make yourself heard; you’re feistier and more persuasive, and assert yourself as a leader with more ease. Careful though, because your attitude might be perceived as aggressive by those around.

Your energy will make an impression upon people who are in a position to help you, as long as you do not challenge them unduly.

On April 12, the Aries New Moon falls in your alchemical eighth solar house, helping you turn those heavy-as-lead situations into pure gold. This won't happen overnight, but if you start tackling stumbling blocks now, you'll see genuine results by the corresponding Full Moon in Aries on October 20.

This New Moon also spotlights long-term finances and investments, as well as shared resources. You could be inspired to buy or sell real estate, or to find ways to earn passive income.

In the meantime, sometime during the first two weeks of April you could get help from your partner and might get rid of a debt that stresses you out. You could also run into opportunities to begin partnerships or make an investment together with someone. But you could also have the IRS audit you.