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Influenced by the 1st house and first sign of the zodiac, "Aries" (basically when we are born or first experience the outside world).

The 1 year cycle is a twelve month journey of new interests,experiences, goals, and
understandings: about life, about you, where you have been, where you are now, and
where you would like to be. And, because so much drastic change is required, you will
also be learning the meaning of courage. This year is the new beginning you have been waiting for and it may come from unexpected opportunities (business or love). The seeds
you plant now will determine your future harvest. During the year one, you may move,
start a new business, get married or meet someone. You may also finish with an old
situation and automatically start a new one. You know now who you are and what you want.
This is a good time to express yourself and your point of view to others. You are capable
of putting a great deal of yourself into whatever you say. It is also a very good year if
you have issues to resolve with the past. However, if you do not make changes where they are needed, they will be made for you, whether you want them or not. Without change, we struggle to hold on to situations and things that no longer serve a purpose. We then believe that life is a struggle.

This year, you will learn that life is not a struggle but a continuous free-flowing journey of energy that moves, shifts, vibrates, spirals, and evolves through cycles of learning.

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