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Influenced by the 11th house and the eleventh sign of the zodiac, "Aquarius" this house is where your goals and objectives are fulfilled and how your friends become an important part of your life.

This year is a year of improvement and increased friendships. Friends play an important role in the 11 year cycle. Create more free time for yourself so that you can interact with others. Consider the nature of your social activities and the feelings they trigger in you. What is your idea of an enjoyable time? Is there any imagination or creativity involved in your social interactions, or is it the same old boring routine every time?
Are you living your own life or just following the crowd? Are you seeking friendship or
approval? Your Will wants to be around others whose Will is also free and active.
This year’s experiences will show you that human evolution is measured by the level of
Free Will within an individual, and that direct contact with others is an essential part
of human nature which must be expanded. You can see the importance of your potential in helping you reach your goals.

This year you identify with the needs of your friends,surroundings or the larger society. You might become interested in helping those around you as they seek to improve their circumstances. In your eagerness to share your good fortune, you may participate in activities that benefit large numbers of people and this contribution will further add to your feelings of self-worth. Through these activities you can gain much contentment from your accomplishments. The goals you seek and the security you hope to gain will give you the independence you want for your later years.

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