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Influenced by the 12th house and the twelfth sign of the zodiac, "Pisces" this house shows the spiritual debts carried over from previous life experiences, which may haunt you on occasion as you observe injustices.

This year is a year of fears or anxieties. The 12 year cycle brings you to the end of a
complete cycle of your life. This is a time of completing unfinished business, reaching
conclusions, tying up loose ends, and cleaning up behind you. These actions will enable you to step into the next twelve years of your life without the pressure of unresolved matters of the past pulling you back. You may be required to do something unpleasant.
Some unexpected changes happen often during the twelfth year. On the other hand,
this year stimulates you to respond with compassion or to abdicate your responsibility
if you are passively disposed. All your unresolved problems lie here. You may also not
feel much like socializing. And in fact it is a good year to be alone and face any
aspect of yourself that you are reluctant to face. It is probably not really all that
bad. This is an excellent year for any kind of mystical or spiritual discipline.

You can understand these teaching not only with your mind but also with your emotions, that is, at the gut level. You may have to deal with family problems, money, job or health. You need to communicate your deep inner feelings to another person now, preferably someone you can trust. Inability to trust others may be part of your
problem this year.


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