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Influenced by the 2nd house and second sign of the zodiac, "Taurus" (when we realize what we need to sustain ourselves by acquiring the necessities of life, such as nourishment, clothing etc.).

The 2 year cycle is an inspiring twelve month journey in which you will find an exciting
connection between your past, your present, and your future. You will be able to use this information to set your most ambitious goals in motion. But make no mistake, this will take perseverance and great patience. This year is a year of possessions, money, material assets, profit from investments or your efforts. At this time your attention naturally turns to whatever you value in life, whether it be material, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.
You will think about and plan for theses elements much more now than in the past. You may enter into negotiations with others concerning property or money. During this year, you may gain money easily if this is your intention. One thing is certain: you focus more on your needs now. If you did the right things before, you may expect to gain now. But if you did the wrong things before you may expect to learn and grow this year.

The good thing about the year two is even if you made a bad choice or wrong decision before, you will still have some opportunities that will come your way. Also, you will become aware of patterns of behavior which impede your freedom or someone else’s. In these turbulent times, being able to tolerate, understand, and cooperate is an exact and extremely valuable talent. This is your year to show just how talented you are.

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