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Influenced by the 5th house and fifth sign of the zodiac, "Leo" show time! This is the house of expression, creation, children and love.

This year is a year of pleasure. It's time for fun, entertainment, and having a good time.
Keep your suitcase packed and expect the unexpected. This is a year of change, freedom, sex, and travel. Get out of the rut and enjoy yourself! The fifth house of the zodiac is one of amusement and creative self-expression, as well as love affairs and children.
You can relate well with children now and this is a good year for games and fun. Creative activities are also favored; in fact you need to express yourself through some creative activity. Love relationships are favorable this year. You will get along smoothly with loved ones without feeling that you are surrendering your identity. Opportunities will surround you all year, but you must be able to recognize them when they appear. This will require an open and adventurous mind. Learn to pick and choose carefully between your various options. Take only those which pertain to your true desires and not just your temporary whims. If you try to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself this year, the confusion of so much diversity will limit your ability to focus. This could prevent success in any area.

This is no year to pretend to be what you are not. Enjoy and take pride in being yourself.

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