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Influenced by the 6th house and sixth sign of the zodiac, "Virgo" the house of responsibility, service to others, and health.

This year is a year to be centered with love, home, family, responsibilities, and
adjustments. You may beautify yourself or your surroundings. Be a magnet and attract
people easily this year. Now is the time to examine the problem of how you should
manage your life and what duties and responsibilities that entails.

This is a year of work and of tasks that need to be done, which may necessitate postponing immediate gratification. Your focus should be on efficiency and effectiveness. If you work, this is a time to examine and refine your techniques and procedures. Your mind can work clearly and sharply to discover the best way of doing things. The sixth year can be difficult because your abilities are not always recognized while you are developing them. Unfortunately, others may try to take advantage of you. This is a vital time in your life when you will feel a definite sense of duty and priority.

The first step to making this year successful is to accept that you do, indeed, have
responsibilities. But, do not assume you already know what your responsibilities are.
As the year proceeds, you will realize that at least one responsibility is no longer
yours or was never yours to begin with. You may find that other responsibilities have
been overlooked and now require your attention. Your primary obligation is to take care
of yourself first and do what is right for you. Otherwise you will be in no position to
take care of those who will need your help this year.


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