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Influenced by the 9th house and ninth sign of the zodiac, "Sagittarius" this is how you grow and learn to make the most of your creative potential.

This year is a year to weed your garden and discard things that are no longer useful.
Share and think of others. If a door closes, look for a new one to open next year. This
year you are approaching a life peak. All your ambitions and efforts should bear their
greatest fruit. You understand the rules of the different games in your life and are
concentrating on how to play more skillfully.

This year also prepares you to accept full responsibility for your actions. It's during this year you learn to grow in knowledge, awareness, confidence and devotion to maintaining the ethical standards you've established in your struggle to fulfill your destiny. You will not find wisdom here but you will find the means to become wise as you extend yourself in the world of situations and relationship. The enigma of this year is that every answer reveals further questions, enticing you to extend yourself in an ever-widening arc. This is how you grow and learn to make the most of your creative potentials. With every success comes greater awareness and self-confidence, so that your beliefs and convictions are never shaken.

Everything you experience this year will be influenced by power of reflection. Once this power is recognized, your life will become easier to understand and organize.

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